Incorrigible Jude Law

Incorrigible Jude Law
 This sleek, handsome British, not just fall into the list of the most attractive men of the planet, some time was known as an exemplary family man. Gradually, however, Jude Law has adopted the habits of their screen characters and became an incorrigible philanderer, breaks women's hearts.


The star of films "The Talented Mr. Ripley," "Cold Mountain", "Closer", "Enemy at the Gates" and many others, Jude Law in 1994 he met his future wife Sadie Frost. They met on the set thriller "Shopping", where they played a couple of young bespredelschik. The film is not gained wide popularity, but it marked the beginning of a long relationship Jude and Sadie. Three years later, after meeting the couple were married, and the groom at the time was 25 years old, and the bride - 32 years.
For six years, Jude Law was called a womanizer except that in his films. There, on the screen, he played a rich spoiled child of destiny Dickie Greenleaf ("The Talented Mr. Ripley"), which, living with a lovely girlfriend by Gwyneth Paltrow, nevertheless, managed to change it. Or, for example, Zhigalo Joe ("Artificial Intelligence") - a robot, able to cater to women, but lost due to their heads. In real life, the actor seemed to be enjoying life with Sadie, one by one they were born children, moreover, Jude fathered a son from his first marriage spouses. However, even four kids (one and three of his adoptive) failed to keep a tight rein on Lowe marriage. Increasingly, he neglected family responsibilities, it enters its their Hollywood. The last straw was the departure of Judah to shoot a couple of days after the birth of her son Ruby. Tabloids vengeance wrote a novel that handsome actor twisted with his partner in the film "Cold Mountain" Nicole Kidman.


Lowe denied all rumors. And, as it turned out, for good reason. Soon he showed the public his new passion. She was not Kidman, and 22-year-old beauty blonde Sienna Miller.
Relationship with Sienna developed as beautiful as once with Sadie. Lowe appeared everywhere with a spectacular companion, and there was even talk of a possible wedding. Bolt from the blue for the background of this idyll burst material in the British "tabloid". Certain Daisy Wright, the nanny of children Jude Law, with whom he spent a lot of divorce after time, made a sensational statement. The girl reported that she and Jude became lovers, and evidence filed an indisputable fact. After two years of love Sienna Miller Jude could not forgive such a betrayal. And before reaching the wedding, the couple broke up.

Lily Kim, Samantha ...

Of course, Lowe did not meet with Daisy Wright on. Moreover, he appeared in the press with a lengthy discourse on the subject of love and morality, cursed himself for having caused so much grief your family and promised to review the priorities in life. However, instead of trying to improve relations with someone of the ex-girlfriends, Lowe began with renewed vigor for the search for new. And as handsome heartthrob, few could deny, a list of his passions grew rapidly. It hit model Lily Cole, fashion editor Kim Hersey ... But the main thing - a little-known "party girl" from New Zealand Samantha Burke. Girl distinguished more than others: after several nights spent with Lowe, she announced her pregnancy from him. Angered by this turn of events, Jude long time did not want to admit the child, but in the end, after the birth of her daughter in 2009, Sofia, promised to provide material support to a girl. The thing is to continue the relationship with his mother baby, Lowe did not plant ...

And again - Sienna

Perhaps the emergence of a fourth child incorrigible playboy forced to reconsider the same life. Or maybe an old flame, which, as we know, does not rust, again manifested itself. Just a couple of months after the birth of a daughter Sophia, Jude Law has made the location of his former lover Sienna Miller. In late 2010, he proposed to her - and heard the coveted "Yes." However, many opponents of the Union, including Lowe's parents believe that this marriage Judy while ...

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