Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami
 Cult Japanese writer Haruki Murakami have long captured the hearts of Russian readers. His novels are distinguished oriental wisdom, mystery and unforgettable images. Those who have read at least one work of the writer, looking at the shelves of bookstores and other creations. Haruki Murakami continues to be creative for the joy of all their multi-million fans worldwide.  
 The writer was born January 12, 1949 in the Japanese city of Kyoto in a family of teachers. In his youth, he became interested in foreign literature, "heavily" started reading Fitzgerald, Heartfield, Salinger, Hemingway and other classics. Haruki graduated, studying at the Faculty of Theatre Arts.

Then he opened a jazz bar in Tokyo. His first work, "listen to the song of the wind" Murakami wrote in 1974 and published a novel in 1979, the same year she was awarded the National Prize for beginners writers.

Haruki sold the bar and gave writing. The novel "A Wild Sheep Chase" was released in 1981 and also received the award. From that moment began the path to the worldwide recognition of Murakami. Then the writer wrote several works, among which is a collection of children's tales.

In the work of Haruki combine different genres: science fiction, detective dystopia mystery. True glory and financial well-being came to Murakami after the novel "Norwegian Wood" in 1987. This work is considered one of the most successful.

In the nineties Haruki continues to work, and his works were selling well. Writer works broadcaster, produces several albums and guides to Western music. Murakami moved to the USA, he was invited as a lecturer at Princeton. Then he lectured at Tufts University.

The writer is fluent in English and introduces readers to the modern Japan, with its youth subculture. But at home he is criticized for the destruction of the ancient values ​​and traditions.

In 1996 he published the most intense, complex and capacious novel by Haruki "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle." Murakami in the same year returned to Japan because he was shocked by the terrorist attacks and the earthquake that took place there in 1995. Several of his works reflect these memorable events, such as the two-volume "Underground."

The author does not stop a lot of writing ("Kafka on the Shore", "After Dark», «1Q84»). He also translates from English to Japanese works of his favorite American writers.

Now the book by Haruki Murakami translated into many languages, they are published millions of copies, awarded various prizes. Writer's name is in the list of the most published authors of the late twentieth century.

Haruki Murakami is living now in Japan, continues to engage in creative, leading a healthy lifestyle, running, and enjoys swimming. He still loves jazz and collects old records.

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