Gorgeous Sarah Bernhardt

Gorgeous Sarah Bernhardt
 The famous Russian writer Turgenev called Sarah Bernhardt blatant ineptitude, which is nothing but a charming voice. A Russian Emperor Alexander III, taking the famous actress, in response to her bow exclaimed that it was he obliged to bow before it. Which of them was right? What was special about this woman, who at the beginning of the last century called the greatest actress of all time?


Sarah Bernhardt was born October 22, 1844 in Paris. Childhood future celebrity was far from straightforward. Sarah's mother was a courtesan and do not care about their children, so the girl lived in a monastery in the house nurse. When Sarah grew up, one of the lovers mother helped her to enter the Conservatory recitation.

Sarah made her debut at the age of 18 years on the stage of the famous Parisian theater "Comedie Francaise." However, neither by the public nor by the critics special delights her game is not caused. After some time, Sarah Bernhardt was fired from the theater because of a conflict with a colleague.

Sarah tried to work in other theaters, but its violent and erratic not allowed to stay somewhere for a long time. Future great actress rude colleagues late for rehearsals and even suffered stage fright, sometimes falling to the public before going to faint. But she was able to successfully cope with their nervousness. As a result, gaining a wealth of professional and life experience, Bernard returned to the "Comedie Francaise", but as a leading actress.

Creative biography of Sarah Bernhardt noted major roles in many classic and contemporary plays. She did manage to perfect and tragic and comedic roles. The most famous role as Sarah Bernhardt was the role of Marguerite Gautier in "La Dame aux Camelias" Dumas fils.

Sarah's success in this play is largely explained by the fact that her life and the life stage of the heroine echoed. Marguerite Gautier, as the mother of the actress, was a courtesan. In addition, the heroine of the play, as well as Bernard, was ill with tuberculosis. A tragic novel of Marguerite Gautier and the young man from a good family is a lot like Sarah her love for Belgian Prince, from which it also had to be abandoned.

Versatility acting talent Bernard confirms the fact that she played a lot of roles for men: Prince of Denmark in "Hamlet," Zanetti in the "passers" and Lorenzachcho in the same play. The brightest male role of Sarah was the role of Napoleon's son in the play "Eaglet".

Sarah was one of the first actress who decided to play in the movie. Sarah Bernhardt appeared in several films, including the film adaptation of "The Lady of the Camellias". But soon the actress has decided to no longer be in the movies, as a close-up gave her true age.

In addition to bright acting talent Bernard had and fortitude. In 1878, during the Paris Exhibition Sarah decided to climb to a height of two kilometers in a balloon. As Bernard was afraid of heights, such an act has become a real challenge for her to overcome this fear.

During the Franco-Prussian War Sarah sent family to a safe place, but she remained in the besieged Paris. In the theater "Odeon" Bernard organized a hospital for the wounded that she was able to provide everything you need, thanks to extensive contacts. Sarah not only led the hospital, but often she performed the duties of an ordinary nurse. During the Russian-Japanese war, Bernard gave several charity concerts and fees sent them to help the wounded Russian soldiers.

One day during a performance Sarah seriously injured his knee. For many years it was tormented by the pain in his leg, but the actress did not refuse from the scene. When Bernard was 70, she demanded doctors perform an amputation. But even after this operation, the actress has not left the theater and went on to play in the performances. Of course, her repertoire has changed. She participated in the short plays or individual scenes in productions where she did not have to move. When World War I broke out, Bernard went to the front to act as the soldiers to maintain their spirit.

Throughout his life, Sarah Bernhardt is often criticized for excessive artificiality and effectively. This was due to her love for outrageous. House actress, for example, was decorated with stuffed birds. And in addition to the usual dogs and cats Sarah also kept a monkey, cheetah and chameleons. In his bedroom actress kept the coffin in which she loved to relax and learn new roles. The thought of death haunted Sarah throughout life, as a child, she learned that she was ill with tuberculosis. But in spite of this disease, Sarah Bernhardt lived a long and wonderful life.

Sarah Bernhardt died March 26, 1923 at the age of 78 years. The procession, accompanied by the entire city its coffin consisted of several thousand Parisians who want to pay tribute to this great woman.

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