Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales
 Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1. She was the third daughter of Viscount Oltorpskogo, Earl Spencer. In 1981, she married Prince Charles. In June 1982, Prince William was born in September 1984 - the second son, Harry. In 1992, the couple officially announced that they live separately. In 1997, Diana died along with her lover in a car accident. Even death could not deprive the woman folk love! Not by chance in the UK it was nicknamed the "Queen of Hearts".

In 1977, when Diana was 16 years old, Queen Elizabeth II of England brought her to the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles of Wales. Plain, in general, the history: parents princes always take care that the child was the passion of a suitable family and had an impeccable reputation. Diana was just that: a girl from a well-known kind in England Spencer, whose distant relatives are at least five US presidents, including George W. Bush. Also in relationship with her composed Jonathan Swift, Charles Darwin and dashing Hollywood cowboy John Wayne ... Prince Charles courted difficult Diana four years and in 1981 made her an offer.

Who would have said then princess that at the time she met Charles the past seven years was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles - married women who twice unsuccessfully Charles made an offer. And what a pity that while she was not aware of the council Camille her lover: "Marry Diana. It is quiet, with it you will not have problems ... "The prince followed the advice of his mistress, but he was not going to break off a relationship with her. Diana Discover all that later.

Their wedding was the event of the century. St. Paul's Cathedral, of course, could not accommodate everyone - the people thronged the streets. Dynamics were brought out, so that everyone could hear, "Yes", over 700 million people from 58 countries watched on television proud father leading his beautiful daughter to the altar.
From their honeymoon, she wrote to her friend, "I have never been so happy! We're always laughing, making fun of each other. I am very like to take care of him. Charles - the best thing that ever happened to me! ".

 In 1981 and 1984, Diana gives birth to Charles heirs - Princes William and Harry. On the surface they have a happy family. Only close to Lady Di know that she suffers bouts of bulimia and hysterical seizures, the cause of which - the behavior of her husband.

By 1987, the discord in the royal family was leaked to the press. Prince and Princess could not hide the bitterness. Official receptions, where they were to attend etiquette, brought both intolerable suffering. "Married with Charles were three of us, so it was all a little bit crowded," - said the Princess of Wales in a candid interview in the program "Panorama" on the BBC in December 1995. If she knew what the consequences of this recognition? Of course, yes. And will do everything to the Queen demanded to dissolve the marriage.

Leaving Charles, Diana has not disappeared from the field of view of the media. It is "switched" to love another scale - larger than the family - to do charity work and did not do it formally, but from the heart. Indecisive wife of Charles died - was born the new Diana, whose courage was needed other people. She appeared mission: "I have always been, is and will figure only human, I just want to help people, what can I do, that's all ...". Diana supported English ballet, hospices, hospitals, children's hospitals - to help AIDS patients, cancer, leukemia, fought to Ban Landmines - personally made a film dedicated to the minefields of Angola, luxurious outfits Princess went under the hammer at a charity auction. Her spiritual mentor became Mother Teresa.

When her marriage to Prince Charles fell apart, Diane was fed up with attention aristocratic cream of society. She launched into a conscious search for men "from real life". None of her subsequent lovers was not on "the highest rung of the ladder" of British society. Tabloids doing on another dirty laundry money, choked with delight, pulling the light details of the intimate life of a princess. Last Love Diana, son of Egyptian billionaire Dodi Al Fayed (whose father owns a London supermarket "Harrods"). It is difficult to judge the seriousness of the senses, but this relationship is clearly belonged to an entirely different level. And she, and behind him there was a divorce. It seems that both were willing to try his luck again, regardless of the conventions and their disapproval of the novel by the English nobility. At least a few hours before the death of Dodi Al Fayed chose the ring in a jewelry boutique with the speaker called Dis-moi oui (Tell me "yes"). 

On August 31, the car in which there were Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed, and driver Henri Paul Diana's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, crashed into the 13th bridge support over the Alma tunnel in Paris. Dodi and driver Henri Paul died on the spot. Princess Diana died around 4 o'clock in the morning in the hospital.
After the death of Princess swept the country "dianomaniya." There were even minted five-pound coin with the image of Lady Di. "In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales" - inscription around the portrait. Ironically, on the back side, as required by the rules, has been placed profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

"People want to see me as a fairy princess, having the property of converting everything into gold. Few people realize that the person from whom they were waiting for a miracle, constantly reproaches himself for not complying with this image. " These words uttered Princess Diana at Kensington Palace in 1991. But only after her death, since which it has been almost 10 years, the world realized that she meant by "non-compliance". Lady Di remember we are always smiling, happy woman, and yet her personal life was a living hell, and none of its men never gave her true love ...

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