Charlize Theron: everything about a star

Charlize Theron: everything about a star
 In its 36 years of Charlize Theron is one of the most successful and beautiful "stars" of Hollywood. South African American origin, she became the first actress - a native of the African continent, who was awarded the "Oscar" for Best Actress.
 As a child, a pretty blonde Charlize dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Ballet Bars For she stood in the age of five: high art helped for a while distracted from earthly burdens, and they have had plenty of girly. Theron family on a farm near Johannesburg lived a wealthy life, and his father Charlize getting drunk, often clutching his rifle, was intended to scare away jackals, and aiming his wife and young daughter. Since binges occurred more often, concerned Gerda Theron decided away from sin to send her only child to a boarding school. And, as it turned out, did the right thing. Once Carl Jacob Theron bathed to such an extent that his wife had to shoot him in self-defense. No charges against her were not nominated.

Despite the family problems, Charlize aggressively went to his goal: entry into the New York Choreographic School. Between times, she starred in a couple of photo shoots, provide her with a good income model, but only dreamed about ballet. Dreams shattered in one day: 19-year-old Theron suffered a knee injury that is incompatible with the profession of a ballerina. It seemed as if her life was ruined, and except South Africa, nowhere it is no longer waiting. However - there would be a blessing in disguise. Soon the girl spotted in New York impresario, promises her "golden mountains" in Hollywood. As had nothing to lose, Charlize agreed to move from New York to Los Angeles and started attending acting classes and endless auditions.

Debuting in the horror film "Children of the Corn - 3", Charlize Theron quickly moved to the bushing to the main roles, playing in such box office hits as "Devil's Advocate", "Astronaut's Wife" and "The Cider House Rules." Producers and directors vengeance exploited her image glamorous blonde cold; more surprising for the public and critics was news that beauty Theron is preparing to play a monster in the story of a prostitute, a serial killer Aileen Wuornos. For a complete transformation in the character of "stars" had to go to a psychiatrist, stout ten pounds and almost disfigure her face with a special makeup. The efforts paid off: Charlize Theron was awarded the 2004 "Oscar" for her role in "Monster" and automatically entered into the so-called A-list Hollywood, becoming one of the most highly paid and prestigious actresses.

Actress's personal life rarely becomes public. We only know that Charlize was engaged to actor Stuart Townsend, but later decided to part with her fiance. Theron recently adopted a black kid from South Africa, where I came from myself.

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