Biography star: Romy Schneider

Biography star: Romy Schneider
 One of the most talked about novels of the XX century became Austrian actress Romy Schneider burden, which was hard to bear. With Alain Delon she played in love on the set, but in real life they did was not to swear each other allegiance before the altar.

Romy Schneider (born Rosemarie Magdalena Albach-Rhett) was born in Vienna on September 23, 1938 in a family of Austrian actress Magda Schneider and Wolf actor Albaha-Rhett. 7 years after her birth, her parents divorced, and in 1949, her mother gave her to a Catholic school, ruled that the nuns of the Order of Augustinian.

She first starred in a movie in 15 years with his mother in the movie "When the white lilac will bloom again," then were the work of a few entertaining film, and after that, she starred in several films about Sissi. In 1958, she appeared in Paris with Pierre Gaspard-Yui in the movie "Christine", and goes on an endless series of paintings with Sissy. Partner Rosemary (the now Romy Schneider), the film becomes Alain Delon. Their close relationship and subsequent rupture leads to suicide attempt Romy.

In 1966, Romy Schneider marries a German actor Harry Meyen and a year later they have a son. At this time it is very little withdrawn, refusing to offer her roles. But measured life Romy Schneider collapses suddenly when in 1969 Alain Delon invites her to play together in the film Jacques Dere "pool." Their feelings for each other flared up again with the same force, and her husband could not stand it, a few years later committed suicide.

Relationship with Delon did not work out, and her second husband Romy Schneider became Byazini Daniel, who was her personal assistant. They had a daughter, Sarah, who went on acting path mother. David - son of Romy Schneider died in 1981 in an accident, naporovshis on the iron bars of the fence of the villa. Romy struggling with depression and trying not to cease to act in films.

May 29, 1982 Romy Schneider was found dead in her Paris apartment. It happened shortly before the release of her new film "The Passerby". Talking about suicide, although the official version of the investigation she was heart breaking. She was buried in the cemetery Boissy near Paris, and the ashes of her son was reburied next.

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