Adriana Lima, model Victoria's Secret: "Life has just begun"

Adriana Lima, model Victoria's Secret: "Life has just begun"
 This year, Victoria's Secret has created a truly incredible bra, advertising is completely fell on the shoulders of charming model. Adriana Lima has long been the face of the company. Recently she became a mother, but is ready to return to work, saying that now her life just begun.  

After birth, almost every woman loses shape, but such as Adriana Lima, just need to always look your best. On this depends not only her career but also the lives of Victoria's Secret, for which the beauty of Brazil became the personal guardian angel. To continue to cooperate with this brand, as well as return to the podium, the top model has done a great job. Giving up just flour and sweet, Adrian sat on a rigid diet that includes only green vegetables and protein shakes. Together with a special set of exercises designed for it, it has yielded results.

However, a strict diet and stress were not for Adriana big test, because the business model requires a permanent restrictions on food and trips to the gym to keep in shape. Especially, not only beautiful, but also clever Adrian always adhere to the philosophy that its appearance in the future need to start thinking yesterday. Soon it will celebrate its 30th birthday with, but Victoria's Secret model looks like in the beginning of his career, if not years, have power over it. Taking care of proper nutrition, not forgetting the exercise and periodically turning to diets, this angel always looks flawless. Even when Adrian Dima without makeup, she is fresh, young and devilishly attractive.

Is not it strange that it was her great honor to submit to the New York fashion show is incredibly luxurious and expensive bra, decorated with diamonds, sapphires and topaz. This unique item of lingerie receive from their creators, Victoria's Secret and Damiani, the price of two million dollars. Named model bras was quite loudly - Bombshell Fantasy Bra. Becoming the first who will try in every sense of the precious thing, Adrian said that life has just begun.

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