How to remove fat hips

How to remove fat hips
 Remove the fat from the sides is no easy task, but it is doable. Know that it will take more than one week before the sides come in proper form. The main thing here is not lazy and clearly formulate the goal. Remember that some exercises may not be enough, so review the diet.
 Lie on the floor. Legs bend at the knees. Arms extended forward. Lift the trunk, trying to reach with your fingertips to the soles of his feet. Exercise reminds slopes only in the supine position. Repeat until, until you feel a slight pain in the abdomen.

The following exercise can be done both sitting and standing. Take the bar and put it on his shoulders. Arms outstretched as widely as possible. Housing starts to rotate. But standing in this exercise more effectively. The number of repetitions - thirty. Also, standing on the shoulders with the stamp work out side bends. Not necessarily try to maximize lean. The main thing - consciously feel and control muscles clenching tilt and tension in the opposite side. Repeat until you feel pain in the sides. The slopes can be performed with dumbbells.

Lie on your right side. The emphasis on the elbow, legs extended. Lift the leg up, the spring in its highest point, feel the compressed side. Repeat the exercise fifteen times. Change the way. Repeat the exercise. Do the same movement, only this time bend your legs at the knees.

From the position of lying on his side attempt to lift the body off the floor. Your arms should be behind your head. Repeat 10-20 times on each side.

Pull the belly and hold your breath. Hands in the castle at chest level. Mentally count to eight and vigorously rotating body at this time. Repeat four - five times in each direction.

Lie on your back with your feet together and knees bent, arms stretched out to the side. Try to put your feet on the floor in the one and the other side of the trunk, without taking his legs apart and shoulders off the floor. A more sophisticated version - to do the same with arms upside down.

Buy a hula-hoop. Turn it on for 10-20 minutes a day. Before starting rotations apply warming cream on problem areas. After take a warm shower and spread the sides of anti-cellulite cream.

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