How to relieve muscle tension

How to relieve muscle tension
 Best vacation - this is a change of activity. In the frantic pace of modern life, you should regularly give the body a chance to switch. Working day in the office takes a lot of effort. Corks, ecology, overvoltage range goes head. Do not be lazy. In the evening after work well on-site fitness center and remove the psychological fatigue athletic exercises.  
 Often, men, and women too, coming to the gym, they want to immediately get visible results. Lose weight, increase stamina, bleed certain muscle groups to get a nice relief. To do this, they spend hours running around a track or put heavy weights at the gym. Uncontrolled muscle workout harm. They occur microfractures that cause pain in overworked muscles.

To relieve muscle tension, and after power loads in the gym give the body a little breather and go to stretch. Stretching your muscles will not get clogged, making them more pliable and will help to relax.

Effective and very pleasant way - massage. It can be as classic as well as manual, oriental, sports or hardware. You can only trust the proven specialist, as an amateur masseur can harm the joints, ligaments and spine.

Classic or European species is very useful for fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, physical exertion. Its main goal - relaxation of the whole body to recuperate and emotional balance.

Eastern (Chinese) massage is performed by acting on specific points on the energy meridians throughout the body. Finger pressure or staging needles harmonize the energy flows in the body, helps to relieve stress and has a beneficial effect on the work of the internal organs and overall health.

Treatment is by means of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies leads to the activation of metabolic processes at the cellular level. This massage has a sedative effect and restores strength.

Perfectly relieves muscle spasms visit baths. In the Russian or Finnish steam room, as well as in the hammam easily regain excellent health. After bath procedure apply to the whole body cream or lotion with mint and lavender. These plants have a cooling and soothing effect. Rested muscles will thank you.

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