How to make the neck did not give the age?

 If men do not really pay attention to the condition of his neck, then for women - is the eternal headache, especially over the years. All the matter is too delicate skin and the almost complete absence of subcutaneous fat in this part of the body. And therefore the aging process on the neck pronounced than elsewhere. What can we do about it?

"A large number of vertical folds under the chin and the top of the neck in the form of a" ripple "appear before the people" sedentary "jobs that are low lowered his head - says cosmetologist Vera Korobkina. - Not less risk and those who like to sleep on a high pillow or read in bed.

To longer neck is not old, I recommend that every time you take a shower, do neck massage with water. In addition, it is useful to use a mask with nourishing creams and do daily exercises for the neck of the five exercises. They first performed 3-4 times, but eventually you need to increase the number of repetitions to 10-12.

Exercise first

Free movement tilt your head back and at the time of tilting the lower lip as much as possible cover his upper lip, counting to five. Lower the head on his chest, relax your lower jaw, close your mouth. Somknite lips in a normal position.

Exercise second

The neck is slightly stretched up his head in the normal position. The back of his right hand lightly touch the chin part, with slightly open mouth, as much as possible sticking tongue forward. Count to seven. Then, relaxing, close your mouth and lowered his head and arm.

With these exercises strengthen the muscles of the chin and compacted area. If done correctly, back of the hand each time will clearly feel the tension and relaxation of muscles.

Exercise third

Performed standing. Place your right hand on the left, put them under the back of the jaw, as if trying to tilt the head back. Head resists this movement. There is a strong tension neck mentalis. The head should retain its original position despite pressure. Count to seven and relax, lowering his head down.

Exercise fourth

Describe your head full circle. Severe head falls on his chest, rolled her left shoulder all the way to turn. Pause. Then tilt your head back - a pause on the right shoulder - pause again on his chest - a pause, again on his chest. Repeat, changing the direction of rotation of the head.

Exercise fifth

Standing, straighten your chest, place your hands on the edge of the shoulder and try as hard as possible to pull the neck up, pressing his hands on her shoulders. Shoulders should not be raised. Breathe in, count to ten, exhale, total relaxation. "

Yulia Alexeeva