How to increase the volume of the buttocks

How to increase the volume of the buttocks
 Elastic beautiful buttocks - the dream of every woman. Form a "Brazilian butt" will help power exercises. Perform the following set of every day, and a month later will be able to enjoy their success in the mirror.  
 Stand up straight, pull your hands to the sides for balance, transfer the weight to the left foot. Inspiratory right leg pull back and up, follow springy movement. Repeat the exercise 30 times. Transfer the weight on his right leg and do the exercise on the left buttock.

Spread the legs shoulder-width apart, hands pull ahead and weave your fingers in a "lock". On the exhale, begin to squat until thighs parallel to the floor set. Hold for at least one minute. With breath slowly get up and get some rest. Make another 5 - 10 sit-ups.

Get on your knees, put his hands on the floor. Take a straightened right leg back, toe send over. Follow springy motion 3 minutes. Change legs and repeat on the left leg. Bend your right leg at the knee, lift it up, and do spring 3 minutes. Do exercise and then on the left leg.

Lie on your stomach, palms put under the pelvis. On the exhale, lift both legs off the floor, hold your breath for a few seconds. On the inhale, lower legs and get some rest. Make another 5 - 7 reps.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your heels close to the buttocks, hands extend along the body. On the inhale, lift your pelvis up slightly and hold the position for 1 minute. On the exhale, lower your buttocks on the floor and rest a few seconds. Inhale and lift your hips up again, but this time as high as possible. Lock pose a further 1 minute. At any time after a little rest. Now inhale, lift your pelvis, shift your weight to the right foot, left foot pull up. Hold for several seconds. Then change legs and run the rise of the right leg.

Additional load on the muscles of the buttocks can provide cross-country, jumping rope, swimming, cycling.

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