How to build long muscles

How to build long muscles
 When training back the most complex and challenging a study of long muscles. Specificity of training aimed at this area is the need to follow the detailed engineering exercise.
 Spin is large muscle groups and, consequently, responds well to a large number of repetitions. The only condition that must be satisfied - this is a sufficient heating of the back muscles before heavy exercise, or work with heavy weights can result in injury. Study of the long muscles of the back includes hyperextension, the slopes with a barbell on your shoulders, and deadlifts. As mentioned earlier, the first two exercises are warming up, so must be carried out half-heartedly, while the latter should be carried out with maximum efficiency.

To perform the first exercise lie on the bench for hyperextension. Make sure that your feet are firmly enough in the end, and thighs comfortably lie on the bench. Get your hands behind your head or put them on the lower back. Push your back and keeping it straight, tilt your body forward as far as possible, then lean up. Work out the pendulum motion hangs on a second or two for four sets of twelve repetitions in each set.

To perform the slopes with a barbell is necessary to accurately determine your working weight. Best would be to make the first approach with the stamp, and after that add weight. For this exercise is necessary to use gymnastic belt - this will allow you to maintain the desired degree of tilt and protect against possible injury. Place the barbell on the shoulders, then tilt your body forward, keeping your back straight. The maximum tilt angle is thirty to forty degrees. Do this exercise ten or twelve times, then rest a minute or two and make another three approaches.

The final exercise is the deadlift. This exercise is the most severe, and at the same time, the most productive. To avoid injury, perform the previous two warm-up exercises necessary. Place the barbell with weight two times less than your own on the floor, then stand on her legs wide apart. Slightly tilt the body forward, keeping your back straight, and then sit down as far as it is necessary to take the bar. Straighten your legs, and then straighten the body and slightly tilt it back. Allow this position one or two seconds and lower shell. Do this exercise only under the supervision of an instructor and using the gym belt.

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