How to build a nice press

How to build a nice press
 Flat tight stomach perfectly accentuates the beauty of the female figure. But if nature gave you is not beautiful press, do not worry. If desired, it can be pumped and strengthened.
 Pledge of harmony and beauty of the body - good nutrition and an active lifestyle. And if you can even twice a week to pay for myself for thirty minutes time, you will be able to significantly improve the appearance of the figure. At the very least, make beautiful belly just happens.

To pump up the press, it is necessary not so much. For example, in the process of "adjustment" figures great help following exercise. For its implementation take in each hand dumbbells and stand on one leg. Hands should thus be deployed to the body and bent. In this position, forward lean angle of 45 degrees. Then slowly straighten your arms back. Gradually bend your arms and return to starting position. Change the foot and repeat. Just need to do 10-15 of these approaches on each foot. This exercise is good to use for training the arms, legs and abdomen.

Excellent results can be obtained during the exercise "bicycle". Lie on the floor, put his hands behind his head, clasped his hands in the castle. Legs lift up to 90 degrees and lift them alternately performing a circular motion and simulating cycling. To exercise was more effective, raise the body to 30-45 degrees and slightly lean forward. In this case, you should feel like "work" your abdominal muscles.

Well strengthens press exercise "scissors". For its implementation need to lie on the floor, put his hands behind his head and his feet lifted off the floor at 45 degrees and perform their cross-mahi, as if cut with scissors.

In the initial position lying leg lift at an angle of 90 degrees (ie, perpendicular to the body) and hold them for a few seconds. Enough to do two sets of 20 uplifts.

The above exercises reinforce good news, but if you start to train the abdominal muscles on the inside, you soon reach the desired result. Especially because it is a snap. As often as possible breathe in and out, making work all the abdominal muscles. They need to perform before the pain.

There is another viable option inflating press for those who have no time to engage in training. The convenience of this complex is that it can perform on the bed to sleep after awakening. Slowly through the nose "inflate" the abdomen to muscle pain. Then, as long as possible the air discharged through the mouth. Pull, as much as possible the stomach and ten seconds Hold this position. Repeat 3-5 times.

Raise your legs to 45 degrees, pull your fingers back and legs describe a circle. Take your time. Circular motion should be done slowly, one exercise - at least 30 seconds. Gradually increase the number of laps each leg. It is desirable to reach 10-15.

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