Fighting female abdomen: in the hall, at home and at work

Fighting female abdomen: in the hall, at home and at work
 Once considered a big belly for women especially proud - even under the dress puts a special pillow that simulate non-existent forms. In today's world situation is the opposite - women are willing to go to any tricks, just in order to get rid of the hated belly.

Because of its anatomical features the female body is designed so that the fat in it, as a rule, is deposited in places where we would least like. And stomach among such places is a leader. And it means - Farewell short T-shirts, swimwear and open-fitting clothes ... But do not be so early to give up on the ideal media - the right motivation, a healthy diet and good physical exercise can make your stomach flat and attractive.


The first, from which you should get rid of it by using the word "struggle" against its tummy. Love your body and let it it will be your main motivation towards perfection. Do not take changes in diet and lifestyle as a punishment - do everything with a sincere respect for your body.


To the fat deposited in any part of the body, it must first get into the body. This means that now you have to closely monitor his intake in your body. In order to keep yourself in good shape, food should be healthy and correct. Get plenty of whole natural foods (fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains) and no processed food industry - bomb high in fat, salt and sugar. There are better more often, but small portions. Need to drink a lot, but not during and immediately after a meal - do not interfere with the process of digestion. Try to reduce the volume of food you consume and do not snack between its basic techniques. In an extreme case, make these snacks as useful as possible. Natural and dried fruit, nuts - everything is convenient not only to keep on the table at home, but also to bring to the job.


To get results as quickly as possible, abdominal exercises should be given 15 to 40 minutes a day. You can choose the most comfortable classes, including training of lower and upper sections, and obliques. It is also very useful to increase the number of movements in your life to the maximum. Use a bike instead of a car, give up a couple of times to lift the elevator, you walk more. Swimming pool and climbing courses will be an additional help on the way to a flat stomach. Are also effective twist wrap, massage the problem area, wraps and baths to visit the toxins from the body and accelerate the burning of excess fat.

But the most simple drill press is its constant voltage. You can do it all day long, wherever you are. Established Service will help you remember again that it is necessary to tighten the stomach every time you forget about it. Advanced version of the exercise - handstand. To do this, you do not even need to be able to do push-ups on the floor. Just accept this position - leaning on his outstretched arms, knees straight, stomach in good shape. Hold this position for as long as you can. The result was not long in coming.


Well, finally, timely rest and healthy sleep will be a wonderful addition to the struggle for the perfect figure - in fact, it is important not so much power as the ability to properly relax.

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