Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles
 Beautiful and slim figure - always in fashion. But it is not always so perfect and flawless, as we would like. There are a variety of exercises to maintain shape, including for strengthening the abdominal muscles, for a flat tummy - it's so sexy.
 Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the press

For this exercise, you must sit on the floor, with your knees should be bent. Put her head on his chest. Hands folded his or pull forward. Pull your lower abdomen, back rounded. Fix this position. Gradually lower on the back to the maximum position, it does not go completely to the floor. Now slowly return the body to its original position, straining the abdominal muscles. In this exercise, keep your back round. When tilting the back makes the output, it will help you get the most muscle strain. Repeat this exercise 5-7 times.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the press

For this exercise, take a lying position (on the back). Legs bend at the knees and stand with the width of the shoulders. Put your hands at your sides or remove the head. Pull your lower abdomen, while pressing the upper back to the floor. The pelvis is a little lift. Fix this position, count to five. Relax. Repeat this exercise 7-10 times. Gradually increase the number of approaches. In order to enhance the action of the exercises while lifting the pelvis and fixing the position, take a deep breath.

General exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles

Take the prone position. Dilute elbows to the sides, remove the hands behind the head. Right calf lay on his left knee. Push back to the floor, pull your belly. Gradually lift the feet off the floor, straining the lower part of the press. Breathe out. Slowly lift your upper body, severing blades off the floor, and you should feel tension in the upper part of the abdominal muscles. Throughout this exercise, keep the stomach sucked. Again, exhale and pull your right knee to right elbow, keeping the upper body elevated. Fix this position. The same repeat with the other leg. This exercise is recommended to repeat 5-7 times, gradually increasing the number of approaches.

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