Exercises for the abs at home

Exercises for the abs at home
 Beautiful belly - an indicator of successful work with his own body. It was he more often than other parts suffer from excess body fat, so their control is held in harsh conditions. Performing exercises even within your own home, you have all chances to succeed.
 Abdominal muscles rather difficult to pumping. Only constant work on them will give noticeable results, which, however, will disappear if you stop doing the exercises. Need to engage at least four times a week, for a speedy result is better to give the press for ten or fifteen minutes a day. Try to do the exercises on an empty stomach or after two or three hours after eating.

Lie on your back, bend your knees and put his hands on his chest. Foot desirable to fix, so they never left the floor during the exercise. On the exhale, lift your upper body up while keeping your back slightly rounded and without straining your neck. Lower yourself slowly back to the floor, while making DOX. Follow thirty to fifty repetitions depending on the level of preparedness. Exercise can be divided into three sets of eight to ten repetitions, rest in between fifteen to twenty seconds.

From the same starting position, do the twist. Move your hands behind your head, but do not close them in the castle, but just place your fingers behind the ears. Lift the body and turn it to the right, with your left elbow should touch the right knee. Go back to the floor and the next rise, touch right elbow left knee. Repeat twisting thirty times.

Lie on the floor, stretch your arms and place them behind your head. On the exhale, lift your hands off the floor and legs at the same time attracts them to each other, until they contact on your belly. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat fifteen times.

Lying on the floor, place your hands under your buttocks. Keep your feet off the floor until they reach the floor angle of forty-five degrees. Hold this position for a few seconds, then return to starting. Repeat leg raises at least twenty times. In this exercise, it is important to ensure that the waist is not detached from the floor.

Follow this simple complex every day, and the results will appear in a few weeks. If you have the stomach noticeable layer of adipose tissue, have the power to change, because due to her pumped up your press is simply invisible. Try to get rid of fat and sugary foods in your diet, at least temporarily, and the effect of these limitations, you'll be amazed.

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