A set of exercises for morning exercises

A set of exercises for morning exercises
 Morning exercises - the best way to wake up your muscles and bring them in tone. Giving 20 minutes of simple exercises that you can recharge your batteries for the day! In addition, regularly performing complex you make your body more fit and toned.  
 It is not necessary to start charging, barely get out of bed. Give your body to recover after a few hours spent in bed. Wash or take a shower, brush your teeth. Only when you feel really awake and ready for physical activity, start the exercises.

Classical charge consists mainly of warmup exercises. This rotational movement aimed at, to enhance circulation, and to develop core joints. Warming up reduces the risk of sprains and injuries, prepare muscles for more serious loads.

Start doing workout with the neck. First, by turning the head to the right and to the left. Move slowly, smoothly, without jerks. Suffice 7-10 repetitions in each direction. Then go to lean forward and backward. Try to lower his head as much as possible, but be careful - pain is a sign of improper exercise. When finished, go to the rotational movements: move your head very carefully, avoiding sharp turns that provoke dizziness.

Mash the shoulder joints help rotation: first execute their right shoulder, then left, and after - both. When finished, straighten your arms and try to rotate them on the maximum amplitude, "drawing" circles. Then folded his arms in a pose of "prayer." The first two bills, bends elbows back on the following two - expand the arms to the side, trying to get a feel for how to stretch the muscles of the chest.

Next - warm-up exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and thighs. Place the hands on the waist, feet shoulder-width apart arrange. Rotate the hips first clockwise, then - counterclockwise. The upper body should remain almost motionless. Then complicate the exercise, trying to draw her hips "vosmerochku" are not moving in a circle, and diagonally.

The slopes help fight fat deposits around the waist and abdomen. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight. Keeping the correct posture, perform slopes down, trying to touch the feet of the fingers. Complicate this exercise can be with your feet together.

Do not forget to perform and side slopes. Initial position repeats starting position of the previous exercise. The right hand rests on the waist, the other is down. Begin to perform the slopes to the right, while lifting your left hand over the other. Making 10-15 repetitions, follow a similar number of slopes in the opposite direction.

Mash leg muscles help mahi. It is best to do them, holding the back of a chair or armchair. The direction of movement can be cross - forward and backward, and longitudinal - from side to side. The main thing that the leading foot was moving at the maximum amplitude.

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