8 exercises for curvy buttocks

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 There are women who are not happy with the condition and shape of their buttocks. Not to be ashamed to wear tight skirts and pants, as well as favorite swimsuit, should be given a little time on the day of exercise.  
 The most effective exercise for the buttocks - poluprisyad. In contrast to a full sit down, it does not give a big load on the joints of the feet and it develops the muscles of the buttocks, not the front of the thigh or calf muscles.

Keep your back straight, not bend over forward. Hands take the castle at shoulder level. To be most effective exercises Hold poluprisyada position for a few seconds. Perform this exercise must be 15-20 times.

Within a few minutes, follow the running in place, with the strength of heel kick to the buttocks. Do not lean forward, hands should be dropped freely along the body.

To lift the buttocks, strengthen hamstring. To do this, follow kicks back from a standing position. Lean hands on the back of a chair, a window sill. Follow swings back straight leg. Do not lean forward or to the side. Try to keep the leg straight, toe pointed. Do 2 sets of 10 swings each leg.

Position - lying on his back. Foot put parallel to each other, bend your legs at the knees. Tear off the pelvis off the floor, so that the body was a straight line from the upper part of the leg. During the ascent Squeeze your buttocks. Support falls to the feet and shoulders. Do not strain your neck. Hold this position a few seconds. Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

Roll over on your stomach. Put his head on his hands bent at the elbows. Slowly lift straight legs off the floor as far as you can. Try not to strain your upper body. Only strain the muscles of the buttocks and back of the thigh. Make 10 lifts.

Get on your knees, hands put on the belt. Sit alternately on the right and left side. Keep your back straight, do not lean forward. Perform the exercise as many times as you can.

Sit on bent knees, hands put on the belt. With the power to lift the pelvis forward and up, using the muscles of the buttocks. Try not to strain your upper body. Follow by 10 lifts.

Well, the most simple exercise that is accessible to all and at any time - it is tense and relax the muscles of the buttocks. Do this when watching TV or working at the computer.

To find seductive forms, perform these exercises regularly for at least 2-3 weeks.

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