The World of Fashion: Mario Testino and his famous footage

The World of Fashion: Mario Testino and his famous footage
 He shoots for commercial purposes, but sincerely hopes that his works are artistic value. He understands that many amateurs do not see anything of value in his photographs, but trying to prove that not so heartless his work. It works to sell clothes, but, nevertheless, his photographs occupy the best places in the exhibition halls. Mario Testino - brilliant Peruvian photographer who managed to combine art and commerce.  

Mario Testino - a man who calls himself the result of mixing of different cultures, was born in the capital city of Lima, Peru in 1954. It actually combines three different cultures, as my father was Italian, and the mother of mixed blood Spaniard and Irish. Childhood Mario was more than careless, as his father hunted in the oil business and was able to give their children everything they might wish. Education in a Catholic school has become the foundation aspirations Mario - he wanted to become a priest. However, this is the foundation was accidentally broken by his father when he decided to save for translators took to New York as a connoisseur of English of his son. There's something young Testino and captivated the world of fashion.

Parents did not stint on education beloved son, and himself in an attempt to earn Mario got an assistant to John Vickers, while fairly well-known photographer. After the death of his first employer and the conductor in the world of photography, Mario Testino finally decided on a vocation and took photo art seriously. This success came to him only 40 years of age, when he was hired by Gianni Versace himself, and a model was none other like Madonna herself. A little later Testino photo shoot held with Princess Diana. And after her tragic death each photo Mario became its weight in gold.

Today, Mario Testino - one of the most popular masters of photography, known throughout the world. He lets out a collection of his work, constantly exhibited in galleries, masterfully blends several areas in all their photos. And make it so that every fan of photography can be found in his works something interesting for themselves.

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