What are silent nutritionists?

 Very often, among the different recommendations for weight loss occurs as follows: "Eat small meals but often." Just one phrase among imperceptible flow tips, many of which we remember by heart. So we miss her a deaf ear, thinking something like: small portions not naeshsya! It is better to eat 1-2 times a day, but more thoroughly. The daily total calorie eaten since the same ...

That's why we do not lose weight (and often accumulate too much), fully trusting the teaching about calorie foods and not knowing anything about what is really needed by the body.

So here's the mystery, which nutritionists do not bother to inform us is: a break between meals should not exceed 5 hours! Prior to the expiration of this time, our stomach has to wake up and get food. And even does not matter, fatty foods or dietary just our body needs to know that the food is enough she comes regularly, so accumulate fat "in reserve" is not necessary.

And what we are doing, not having received such a valuable guidance from our dear nutritionists? Try to eat as little as possible; rejoice, if due to a lack of appetite or urgent cases skip lunch, or find the strength to refuse to dinner because someone sounded the thesis: "After 18 hours, there can not be, and generally dinner should be given to the enemy."

In such a situation comes our body? After 5 hours 'downtime' stomach begins to beat all the bells and, upset, telegraphs body: "Hunger is coming! Stored! "When, after a long break food, finally, we get our body squeezes out of it the maximum number of calories. Should in fact provide energy not only immediate needs, but also to postpone anything "in reserve", just in case, because there have come times of famine!

Of course, people with normal metabolism such problems do not arise, but people who are prone to be overweight because of the circumstances necessary to properly revere the whims of his body, neurasthenic. Feed him regularly, not less than once every 4-5 hours, and he calmed down, sighing contentedly: "Hungry days are over! ┬╗

In order to guarantee not to miss the five-hour interval, eat more than 3 times a day. Simply put - snack between meals. How many times have we heard as a child from his parents: "Not enough pieces before dinner - spoil your appetite! "Now we are adults, suffer diametrically opposite question: how it sort of parasite, to spoil? No need to reinvent the wheel, but just remember recipes from childhood: between meals to eat a couple of sandwiches, big apple or a small bowl of something, washed down with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

In doing so, we kill two birds with one stone: and the body calms down and if we love a tasty and a lot to eat, reduce hunger. It is ravenous hunger and act as a result of infrequent meals appetite make us quietly eat more food than we need.

Dmitry Makhno, www.metod-m.com.ua

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