Myths about diets

 Each age dictates the style. So not quite yet a long time in Russia beauties were considered overweight women. Admired, they were drawn with leaf outstanding artists. And today is increasingly advocated that being overweight is something indecent. Increasingly, the media portrayed diet and weight loss recipes stars, as well as all kinds of advertised slimming. It is not strange, because on this one earns a lot of money.

The bad news is that most people looking at this ad, it refers to one then another way to lose weight, blindly trusting written and illustrated. But virtually no one in the advertising does not say that anydiet or slimming can lead to complications sometimes irreversible.

Almost many diets are based on the stereotype that I will try to refute.

The stricter diet, the effect of it more

Severe restriction in the use of the body required, the usual amount of nutrients (food) are often very poorly tolerated by the body. As a rule, 75% of people who adhere to a strict diet, sooner or later, do not stand up and break down.

Strict limitations lead to a change in the prevailing habits and tastes, which in turn significantly affects the well-being of the body and causes there is often a negative change.
Even at first glance, seemingly innocuous fruit and vegetable dietAlready on the fourth day can cause weakening of attention, and malaise, it indicates that the body is extremely monotonous food is not enough.

Reducing the number of meals promotes weight loss

I as a physician and nutritionist sure that my opinion is shared by most of my colleagues, on the contrary advise eat food more often, but in smaller portions. Limitation in the number of meals leads to a strong feeling of hunger between techniques and adapting to this person uses in one step significantly more food than necessary, thus resetting all of its systems and organs. This form of food intake can lead to the most ordinary gluttony.

Our body is designed so that a feeling of fullness comes after 15-20 minutes after the start of a meal. That is why it is necessary to eat food slowly, carefully perezhёvyvaya. Thus, the amount of food will be eaten less before saturation. I would also recommend to eat more nourishing food in the morning, and the most nutritious foods to eat during breakfast.

Avoiding fat promotes rapid weight loss

Firstly, it is not an easy task, because 90% of the products contain fat in one form or another. Well, what about the title of the so-essential acids, which are only in fats. That's why seeks to completely rid your diet of fat is not necessary, limit its use, that is another matter, and then very carefully and gradually.

Replace many products your diet fruits and vegetables, from this body will only benefit

This postulate is very common and is used by many. Rate data is placed on diets low calorie fruits and vegetables. But in many cases to such diets should be treated with caution for people over 40 and those who have a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and so on.
Such as vegetables can bring harm to the body in diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis. Conversely they may provoke attacks of pain and complications. And in this case, to be with milk and dairy products, which contain calcium as not in any other product.
It helps to reduce weight, and fixes the achieved results. Therefore, milk and other dairy products must be present in your diet, unless you do not have contraindications to the use of these products.

The best effect when fasting

In this case, you expose your body is very cruel way to lose weight. Yes, this mechanism works, but there is a risk of significant impairment of renal function, liver, glands, resulting in a significant loss of protein and vitamin deficiency.
Fasting, extended in time leads to rapid weight loss, which is fraught with consequences. According to nutritionists is to ensure that the most effective weight loss is slow, which is significantly less adverse effects on the body. Not interfere with the gradual weight reduction and additional exercise, which will contribute to the partial replacement of fat cells, muscle tissue.

The longer you sit on a diet, the better the result

Our bodies are in the process of evolution is accustomed to rapid habituation to the different changes. So it is with dieting. Sooner or later the body will adapt to the diet and weight loss then slows down, thereby reducing the effect of weight loss. And besides, many diets are designed for a certain period of time, after which the effect of the diet used is reduced to zero.

If the diet helps lose weight one, it will help everyone

This assumption is incorrect. Each body has its own individual characteristics, not only physiological. Some good heat transfer, and other cold or with the diet. One it is suitable, while others do not. Selection of diet, an individual matter.

Diets that lead to rapid weight loss, the most effective

That's just such diets are ineffective vice versa. These diets do not contribute to the acquisition of skills supply. And to lose weight quickly, you quickly have earned it. In most cases, the weight recruited significantly more than before weight loss.

Not suitable one diet to another move, but the result will achieve any cost

As a result, you wear down your body, so that no normal diet will not be able to put everything back in its place. In addition more and will gain all kinds of diseases. Well if not chronic.

Summarizing all the above, I suggest you do not try to achieve quick results, without taking into account the processes occurring in the body. I recommend you to find to find a diet that will help you achieve optimal weight, and will not have a negative impact on health and the health of the organism as a whole.

Anatoly Pashustin

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