How lost weight Edita

How lost weight Edita
 Edita Piekha diet is simple enough. There is absolutely everything, but only in certain quantities and on a strict regime is not more than 5 times a day. Edita believes that a person is aging too early only because of the bad attitude. You need to love yourself and take time to rest.

More than one decade in the diet Edita Piekha include oat meal on the water, vegetables and seafood, steamed, as well as fruit. Edita sure that spicy foods can cause irreparable harm to human health. Singer does not eat meat at all, but just loves to fish. In addition, for nearly two decades, she uses daily sea kale and grapefruit juice.

Not very tasty, but nutritious and useful Edita believes juice of carrots and beets with greens - in the ratio of 3: 1: 1. Beet juice is very helpful and has healing properties, but only diluted form.

About thirty years Edita does not use sugar as favorite coffee drinks only with honey and lemon.

Peha prefers split meals, and after 18:00 will not eat at all.

Basic principles of diet Edita Piekha.

In no case can not simultaneously use carbohydrates and proteins. For example, meat, fish and eggs can not be combined with potatoes, pasta and bread. Vegetables can be eaten with anything, citrus fruits (lemons, oranges) - proteins, and sweet fruit - with carbohydrates.

Option menu diet Piekha:

Breakfast: egg, hard boiled, bacon and low-fat yogurt.
Lunch: boiled chicken and steamed vegetables.
Dinner: jacket potatoes and vegetable salad.

Between each meal may be eating apples.

Furthermore, during dieting necessary daily drink at least two liters of carbonated water or green tea.

Edita addition to its power system periodically arrange a fasting days (Arbuzov, rice, kefir or apple).

Stick to this diet is not difficult even for a long time, since it is quite satisfying and balanced.

Observing all the rules for 15 days, you can get rid of from about 7-10 pounds overweight.

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