Dieting for the New Year: To eat or not to eat?

 Fitness Therapy: What to do at the banquet table, that there was no regrets

Finally! Here they awaited holidays ... New Year, Christmas, and even corporate parties, partying with friends, rehearsing the New Year with relatives ... yum, gifts, restaurants or domestic feasts ... These memories takes me into a state of unalloyed happiness - at the time of my childhood, when, being irresponsible child, I sat looking with her big, green eyes and totally happy adults, squeezing in one hand a piece of cake, and another - a chocolate Santa Claus and thought, "What is this I eat now, and that 10 minutes later ? "- Thereby causing tenderness all around ...

15 years later, the situation has changed dramatically ...

Now I do not have to choose what to eat first, and then what. Rather, the question is: eat or not eat it at all?

At such moments, quite frankly, I want to forget about his waist, spit on shooting, which should be tomorrow, but just take a huge piece of cake and eat it too! Everything would be great if your own internal coach does not appear immediately somewhere in your head and uttered a pass phrase: "And thou shalt eat it ?! »

All. Piece of cake put back on the plate, I'm embarrassed smile and say, "Thank you, I do not want ..." That I was going through hundreds and thousands of times since that moment decided that I wanted to see myself in the role model. And I think that I'm not alone - to all the girls and women will find thousands of others who were in a similar situation.

It is especially hard to bear in the New Year, when it seems that the whole world starts only and do something to celebrate, to give the right and left candy, chocolates, champagne and offer sandwiches with red caviar. You can go crazy ....

So what do these long-awaited holidays for those who used to want, or just have to be in great shape ever, but, nevertheless, does not want to reduce your life to count calories and abandonment of a Christmas goose?

It is with this question, I asked a year ago to his friend, a professional trainer on fitness and bodybuilding when Christmas is coming. Why, why should I now give up all my life banquets and feasts because of your work? Why should I tell my mother of her fiance: "Sorry, I can not try your culinary masterpiece that you so carefully prepared for my arrival ..."

The response was disappointing, no, it was just shocking, "You do not have to, even more so, I do not understand why you do it." My first impulse was to send my coach in the knockout punch, which he himself and showed me the day before.

But I decided to listen to his explanations and found this:

1. It turns out that it is aware of any professional fitness, it is not necessary to keep a diet 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Even more than that, it's bad ... Permanent calorie deficit, which we so carefully crafted, highly addictive, like any other repetitive action, and as a result the body simply ceases to react to it, it adapts all the processes and metabolism to the exact number of calories that we use.

2. Hence the conclusion, choose for themselves the days when you allow yourself to absolutely everything! And let it be a celebration! 3-4 days .... When you just fall into childhood, allow yourself to become again a small, perfectly happy being who enjoys the most simple things: tree, angels, candles and of course, candy!

3. And the best way to spur your metabolism is the power interval training on the next day after the feast. As you know, the muscles after weight training will remain active for 24 hours, so the next day you will burn everything that was eaten, and approach the next festive day with a clear conscience.

I heartily wish you a present for Christmas miracle and I look forward to meeting in the new year!

P.S.Just remember that any holidays come to an end, and you have to return to their former way of life. Since this is also better not to delay, because then will be even holidays. Happy New Year!

Anna Merlino

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