Variegated diet for a week: minus 5 kg for 7 days

Variegated diet for a week: minus 5 kg for 7 days
 With colorful diet can lose weight by 4-7 kg per week - it depends on the individual. Together with overweight and leave toxins will fit and in good spirits.
 During colorful diet is better to limit the intensity of exercise, get enough sleep and be in a good mood. Daily drink at least 2 liters of fluid. Suitable mineral water with low salt content, green and herbal teas, and a decoction of mint in the evening hours.


Day 1:
During the day, you need to eat about 500 grams of vegetables. Can you bake them on the grill without oil, steamed or boiled. If you decide to eat tomatoes and cucumbers, make a salad with the addition of a spoon of olive oil. Potatoes should be excluded from the menu.

2nd day:
Boil or bake 100 g of meat. Salt, pepper and add the oil is not necessary. Ration scarce enough, so if you start to feel bad, drink a cup of yogurt or eat 100-200 grams of cucumbers.

Day 3:
During the day, eat 6 eggs, hard boiled. Salt and bread are excluded. Try to drink more tea to avoid dizziness and faintness.

Day 4:
Weld a piece of lean beef or cook the meat for a couple. During the day you need to eat 400 g of the product without salt and spices. If you're experiencing stomach, drink 200 grams of yogurt or low-fat yogurt.

5th day:
Boil or cook on the grill 400g trout, salmon and chum salmon. Salt, pepper and add the oil is not necessary.

6th day:
During the day, eat a kilo of apples, peeled seeds and peel. Drink tea or stewed without sugar.

7th day:
Final day should also consist of fruit as the 6th. Eat pears, peaches, grapes or bananas. Despite the fact that some of these fruits high in calories, with a separate feed do not cause excessive set of body weight.

On the eighth day, do not lean on the tasty, fatty, fried and smoked. Bear another day. Eat soup with meat, enter the diet of bread and other products. Only on the ninth day begins to use the second dishes. If you eat all at once after the passage of colorful diet can become sick stomach.

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