Time of food - it is useful to not eat after six?

Time of food - it is useful to not eat after six?
 Most diets are based on the principle of not eating after six o'clock in the evening. However, in most cases it is ungrounded. Reduce the amount of food needed for three - four hours before bedtime. And in our time, who rarely goes to bed before midnight.
 Almost all nutritionists recommend to reduce the amount of food consumed in the evening. And after a certain hour is not at all, and only drink green tea or mineral water. But while experts practicing an individual approach to everyone who wants to acquire or retain slender shape. What is often overlooked drafters of power systems, the most popular at the moment.

Why is there this figure - six in the evening? Once a nutritionist to establish timetables meal for his client. Know how much she wakes up, and how much goes to bed, he painted for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the lady was sent to bed no later than ten o'clock at night, the last meal was appointed for four hours before bedtime. But this time is absolutely not acceptable for those who go to bed later. The fact is that not eating for a period of more than three and a half - four hours (during waking hours) entails a slowing of metabolism. And losing weight is considerably slower, and in most cases - is terminated. The body tries to preserve stocks, as long abstinence from food seems he began a hunger strike. Therefore, wishing to put in order the body count individual meal schedule, which will not be long breaks.

Important in any diet is not even a meal, and its quantity and composition. For example, a piece of cake or fatty meat eaten even put six in the evening, be sure to be postponed as a reserve. But a light salad with olive oil, the use of three hours before bedtime, give your body the necessary recharge fully digested overnight, and will not add any extra inches on the hips. Therefore, choosing a diet, not only listen to its rules, but also to their own feelings and signals that gives you the body. And then the desired shape is achieved quickly and without damage to health.

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