Simple and inexpensive potato-cabbage diet

Simple and inexpensive potato-cabbage diet
 Useful properties of two of the most affordable and delicious foods are the basis of potato-cabbage diet. Potato helps to eliminate toxins, accelerates metabolism, quickly saturates and contains many vitamins. Cabbage - source of fiber, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.
 Options potato cabbage diet set, you can pick the perfect balance for a specific person according to food preferences. Cabbage is better to eat raw or steamed. In this form, it will remain a maximum of useful minerals. Recipes with boiled or baked potatoes and cabbage abound - salads, soups, sauces.

Potato and cabbage can alternate days - for a week because of this diet you can lose a few pounds. The main condition diet - receiving a sufficient amount of liquid and mixing the addition of salt to a minimum.

Diet with cabbage, potato diet must be strictly observed - only breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a snack, you can afford a cup of sweet coffee in the morning and two or three cups of green tea a day. Pure water can drink a lot to two liters per day.

When selecting products that can be indulgence diet (on the third day, you can afford to soften the radical diet) should take into account compatibility. Eggs are not allowed to eat with potatoes, but combined with fresh cabbage boiled egg or a piece of lean meat will not do too much high-calorie meal. With potatoes you can combine apples, carrots, greens.

Observe potato-cabbage diet is simple and cost-effective - the products are cheap, you can buy them at any store, how to prepare simple partial. If you are able to withstand at least three days on cabbage and potatoes without salt and protein-containing products, the effectiveness of the diet will increase much - about three pounds of excess weight loss. Adding lean meat, dairy products, fish and eggs in small amounts slightly softens the diet and the body does not experience extreme stress - such a diet can "stretch" for a week. Of the impact of potato-cabbage diet subject of delays is dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out parallel liftingovye activities, take care of the facial and body. The combination of potato and cabbage diet and physical activity is not desirable, therefore, to have time to stop intensive training. 

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