Secrets of the Kremlin diet

 Under other names (diet astronaut, Dr. Atkins, glasses, meat), this power system repeatedly collected their happy, postroynevshih fans - however, and critics too. On our site has published an article describing the Kremlin diet along with a table of basic products and the number of points assigned to them. What could stand the Kremlin diet of the numerous number of his fellows?

Obvious advantages

1. Diet is attractive for its efficiency. Disputes about this are not finished yet, but we have to admit: the amount to lose weight is by using "Kremlevka" is growing steadily. That is the system really works, and the results are measured in kilograms and centimeters. Even complex at first glance, the scoring (points) assigned for each swallowed "no meat" piece, a positive effect - like mathematics disciplines.

2. Perhaps residents of Japan or the Mediterranean coast are accustomed to an abundance of fruits and seafood, but for the people of Russia, it is still expensive and exotic ... often frozen. Many of those women who are a tiny cup of nonfat cottage cheese lonely looked at her husband and eldest son, appetizing absorbing full "meat" meal, kept such torture no more than 2 days. With the Kremlin diet they have a chance to eat with the family and not feel like an outcast - though the amount of food will still have to be reduced.

3. Meat cooking shows are very diverse. But the "meat" - it does not necessarily smoked sausage, sausage or pate. Much more reason to have so called natural steak (lean pork or beef), chicken breast. Therefore, do not worry beforehand harmful products, properly cooked meat dish can also be a diet. In addition, fish, and seafood is not banned - boiled only 1 point, squid - 0 points.

4. The Kremlin diet is not to impose meat products - simply excluded from the diet of flour and sweet, that, in fact, typical of many diets. The first place in the number of "penalty" points takes, among other things, a piece of cake with cream!

5. Meat is a nutritious food - not only by the number of proteins, calories, but also because its digestion takes longer. Eating 6-8 times a day and adhering to small portions (while continuing to carefully consider points), you can feel relatively well fed - at least not to feel excruciating bouts of hunger, which often lead to failures, inability to sustain a diet due time.

6. If you feel a strong dependence on the sweet - chocolate, cookies, cakes - during the Kremlin diet, you can get rid of it.

Hidden cons

1. This diet for reasonable and strong-willed people. For those who do not succumb to the temptation to replace the boiled chicken breast Finnish sausage loaf, who allowed 40 points in the daily diet "pick up" and vegetables, and fish, and dairy products, and even fruit (apricot one will set you back just 3 points). A balanced diet, which should present the necessary vitamins and minerals - the foundation of your health, which should not undermine any diet.

2. Sweet tooth will have hard times. Serious tests will also have those who can not imagine any meal without a piece of bread, as well as lovers of pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, and so on. According to eyewitnesses, the most simple - donate sugar in tea or use a sugar substitute. Everything else is given heavier and night dreams strongly invade vision buns.

3. In meat products and eggs contain cholesterol. The more you eat these foods without diluting their fruits and vegetables, the more cholesterol accumulates in your body, which is very, very bad. 2 chicken eggs may exceed the permissible daily dose of cholesterol, which your body can handle without harmful effects. If you have decided on the Kremlin diet, try to measure the level of cholesterol in your body before it started - and keep an eye on him during a diet. Prefer chicken breasts (white chicken meat no cholesterol), lean pork, veal, turkey meat, low-fat cheese. Best cholesterol accumulates via fat - so combining, for example, mayonnaise and boiled eggs, so that many people are encouraged us in salads, in large quantities rather harmful.

4. Products of animal origin not in vain considered to be "heavy" food. They are worse than excreted, forming the so-called slag (oxidized compounds) that infest the body and cause a violation of important metabolic processes. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract can occur from the first day - if you can not (in consultation with your doctor) gently settle this process, the diet for you in this must end.

5. As after any diet, achieving positive results on "Kremlevka," you can not resist the sweet and starchy foods, which were denied during this time. Starved of carbohydrates and fats the body begins to store them in large quantities - in the event that if you climb up again the idea to sit on a diet, so all the efforts made in the difficult struggle with temptations and overweight, will be in vain. Conclusion: do not lose vigilance, continue (in the mind) if you do not count the points, then at least calories eaten.

6. All diets individual. If your girlfriend has turned into a copy of Twiggy and Kate Moss is using the Kremlin diet and your weight has not decreased 3 months (though you can no longer look at the meat and eggs) - then it is this diet does not suit you. Make an appointment with a dietitian, try something else.

7. As in many other diets, after the first very successful weeks (in the first 10-14 days usually "leave" 5 kg - but, unfortunately, so easily lost only liquid!) Comes the unpleasant lull - you continue to eat the previous scheme, and the scales show every morning the same thing. You need to collect all the courage and continue the diet - otherwise you will never achieve the desired results.

8. You can not deprive yourself of carbohydrates if you are going to take exams, quarterly report, or you have to go through the move to another apartment. Physical and / or mental stress poorly aligned with the Kremlin diet. If you notice an excess of irritability, insomnia, constant fatigue - perhaps you have to lose weight by other means.

9. Lack of vitamins, which we used to get from fruits and vegetables, can lead to decreased immunity - as a result, frequent colds. Necessary companion "Kremlevka" can become pharmacy packaging multivitamins.


So you farshiruete pork or baked mushrooms with cheese, poured into a glass of red wine ... and invite everyone to the table to lose weight! Whether they fit a dinner? If you believe the fans' Kremlevka "- yes. Just do not forget that the serving sizes depend on the number of points - so it's best to count them still in the process of cooking.

For example: chicken broth with egg and green onions would "cost" 2 points (depending on how much green onions you put into it)

Favorite childhoodsalad "Mimosa" will bring you all7 points:

Canned fish -1
2 eggs - 1,
Cheese - 1
mayonnaise - 3-4,
butter - 1.

Let's see how much will cost us"Salsola meat team":

Onions 150g - 13.65
Black olives, canned 115g - 10.00
Pickles 400 g - 6.40
Tomato paste 100 g - 19.00
Lemon 150 g - 4.50
Sausage doctoral 200 g - 3.00
Sausage milk 350 g - 5.60
Sausage granular 100 g - 0.00
Brisket smoked 200 g - 0.00
Ham in the form of 200 g - 0.00
Boiled chicken 200 g - 0.00
A little lemon juice - 2 00.
4000 g water

Total: to 6165 grams of cooked dishes - 62.16 points. Consequently, 200 g (midstream) will "cost" a little more than 2 points.

Fish in ostanovski

500 g of fish
Tomato paste 1-2 tbsp. l.
Green Olives
Onion 1 piece.
Chop onion and fry. On a dish decomposed fish pieces, salt and pepper to taste. Then onions, sliced ​​olives, tomato puree, sprinkle everything with grated cheese, drizzle with olive oil or vegetable in the oven.

In one portion of the dishes score 3-4.

Eggs 4 eggs with ham - 2 points.
Perch fillet baked with mushrooms, 150 g - 1 point.
Lean pork chop + 100 grams of salad from sweet pepper with sunflower oil 100g - 9 points.
Boiled cauliflower 100g + chicken breast, baked with cheese - 6-7 points.

A delicious recipe for a huge number of meat dishes - we have given only a few examples of calculations with which you will encounter. Try to remember the benefits of a balanced diet and do not limit yourself to the vital substances.

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