How to keep a diet

How to keep a diet
 Begin to adhere to dietary pretty simple. However, not everyone can every day to monitor the quality and caloric intake and avoid the many temptations to eat something sweet, flour or fat.
 Save diet will help simple and effective rules to follow which should be in the morning. Start the day with a good hearty breakfast, but, of course, try to avoid sweet and starchy foods. Boiled egg, cereal flakes or from mixtures of cereals, yogurt or a glass of freshly squeezed juice - this is a complete food that gives energy to the working day. In addition, there is a need in the morning in order to activate the body's metabolism, and "run" rested for the night and the digestive system.

If you happen afternoon hunger pangs, they can be overcome by using warm water or tea. Drink sips of the liquid slowly and gradually fill the stomach. Thus you remove the feeling of acute hunger and can easily wait for the next meal pischi.Esli you want to stay on a diet, never go to the grocery store or in a cafe on an empty stomach. In such places, the temptation to break the diet food is incredibly large.

In the evening, it is recommended to eat something delicious - this is the most favorable impact on your emotional state. Favorite dish should not have buried in television, computer screen or a book. You have to enjoy them fully concentrate on eating and thoroughly chewing each bite. Eat dinner a few hours before bedtime. However, do not go to bed with a feeling of hunger. Drink a cup of yogurt or a cup of green tea.

Many go on a diet together with friends or colleagues. On the one hand, the support of friends will help you survive the first difficult days of adaptation to the new food and avoid temptations during your lunch break if you eat with colleagues. But on the other hand, you need to remember that your diet you define it, and it should not depend on how strong the will of your girlfriends.

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