Diet "Mermaid"

Diet "Mermaid"
 Even the name of this diet can be understood that it is associated with the consumption of fish. Eating this diet product, for seven days, you can get rid of extra few pounds, keep your skin in great condition and strengthen blood vessels.
 There are several options diet "Mermaid". The first of these, the most stringent, it is necessary to start each morning with a glass of still mineral water. This is followed by breakfast, consisting of 100 g of boiled salmon, a small portion of oatmeal, cooked in water, one apple green and 350 ml of mineral water.

After about three hours you can eat lunch. At this time, it is necessary to consume 250 grams of salmon (canned), green salad with lemon and olive oil, and then drink about 300 ml of mineral water.

On the composition of products (proteins and carbohydrates) lunch will not differ from dinner. It is necessary to consume the food piece of chicken breast (50 g), four nut and a half glasses of mineral water and half green apple. Before going to bed allowed to eat another apple green and quench your thirst with one cup of green tea.

The above version of the diet is not for everyone. You can use the second embodiment, different from the first in that, in addition to cooked fish, may be included in the diet of baked vegetables or salads. In addition, allowed to eat dairy products and eggs. Remains the same meal every three hours and the prohibition to drink water immediately after eating. This should be done after two hours. It is desirable that among the roasted vegetables were as zucchini and tomatoes and peppers with eggplant. They need to cook without salt and oil. But you can use the pepper.

Thus, the second version of the diet should look like this:

Every morning should drink a glass of water without gas. For breakfast, it is desirable to use a couple of boiled or fried eggs with 100 grams of yogurt or fat-free yogurt. Three hours later, after drinking 250 grams of mineral water, you can proceed to the second breakfast consisting of 150 g of boiled or baked fish. To it add boiled or raw vegetables, and for dessert, eat a small apple green skinned. You can use spices to enhance the flavor. Before dinner, we must again drink 350 grams of mineral water, eat lunch and 250 grams of boiled fish, combined with salad with yogurt or lemon juice. Dinner is the same as lunch time, its use should not be later than 18.00.

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