Diet Alla Pugacheva

Diet Alla Pugacheva
 Alla is rightly recognized as the most important issues of the experimenter in weight loss. For many years, she successfully fights obesity, sometimes these attempts to lose weight even pose a risk to health. His famous diet, thanks to which Alla lost more than 15 kg, it was their own.

Diet This refers to mono-diet, and to observe it, requires a lot of willpower, because she is very strict. Pugacheva diet lasts only five days. During the day permitted only coffee without sugar and cream and a small piece of cheese.

An ordinary person such diet is very difficult to endure, but busy people, which include Alla, such a diet is given quite easily. So if you decide to try a diet Pugacheva, find a multitude of pressing matters that did not have time to even think about food.

During the three days of such a diet can lose weight by three kilograms. But with the return to a normal diet, all the pounds that you got rid of during this time is likely to come back because this unbalanced diet and weight loss is mainly due to the withdrawal of fluid from the body.

Another diet, which is very fond of Diva, is a diet with the use of "green cocktail". To make this cocktail you need to take one and a half liters of low-fat yogurt, a variety of greens, cucumber and a small amount of water. Greens can take any, whichever you prefer. It should be chopped as finely as possible. Cucumber pass through a fine grater and mix this mass with yogurt diluted in water.

This cocktail should be drunk during the day as soon as hunger is felt. Cocktail made this recipe is very perishable, so you need to prepare a fresh batch for each meal. For one day on this diet you can lose up to three pounds of excess weight. The duration of such a diet only three or four days. It gives a good result, but losing weight again is due to fluid loss, so the weight can come back. After some time, the diet will have to be repeated.

In order to get the best result with dieting you need to do fitness, jogging, aerobics.

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