As it is impossible to lose weight: 5 worst diets

As it is impossible to lose weight: 5 worst diets
 It turns out that popular diets help more or less units, but for everyone else, they become poorer diets, the effects of which can be hazardous to health. People often want to choose a "fast diet" - as much as possible kilograms went for the shortest time possible. And that is not much to limit myself. But this is what it can threaten ...

Monocomponent diets suggest the use of only one product. Eat a chocolate or some grapefruit, cabbage or solid - and enjoy a fast response! A lot of you still do not eat, but pleasant emotions from absorbing favorite food you provided. Except that one product will never give the daily requirement of nutrients. The body needs a balanced amount of protein - 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight, carbohydrates - 1-2 grams per kg ... Even animal fats, including cholesterol, which frighten us, are necessary for normal metabolism. In addition, by the end of the fasting period is likely break and recover "back."

Separate food is based on the assumption that protein is digested separately from carbohydrates (fiber - in the acidic environment of the stomach, and carbohydrates - in an alkaline environment of the small intestine) and at different times. Physicians semyutsya openly on this theory, between the stomach and the small intestine is the duodenum, which digests the food portions (fat - using the enzyme lipase proteins - with trypsin and carbohydrates - via amylase) without grouping and deposition "in slags" . A strict separation deprives enzyme system of the digestive tract desired load.

The original diet attracted primarily their uniqueness and sometimes even exotic. Like, that's using such a strange and incomprehensible system just do it! Certainly not. Diet for infant nutrition, weight loss system with a special chewing food, etc. seem cranky bored women. Their effectiveness has not yet been proved! And just do not want this ...

According to the blood type diet, foodstuffs are divided into beneficial, neutral and harmful to the human body depending on the blood group. After all, different blood humanity has not at the same time, and in connection with the development of people and change their occupation. Accordingly changed and nutrition, so that holders of "old" first group suitable meat diet for a second preferred vegetarian diet, representatives of the third group are omnivorous, and those with the youngest, fourth, blood must have "exotic" - seafood, tofu algae. However, this diet doctors rejected: no one has found that between blood group and type of food has a connection. Outraged and psychologists: if, for example, a woman from the second group of blood loves meat dishes, but suddenly starts to push a "vegetation", stress not only give her to lose weight, but also lead to diseases. And indeed in the home to adhere to such a diet troublesome: what, for all family members and friends to cook different dishes?

The Kremlin diet - one of the many low-carbohydrate diets, which under different names attract a lot of people in different countries. This diet prtivorechiva. Her supporters can have even known "bad" foods and drink their alcoholic beverages. Chief ban - generally no carbohydrates. However, this approach violates the metabolism! Carbohydrates are important for a complete breakdown of fat - otherwise fats will release toxins. And the Kremlin diet is fraught with the deterioration of the stomach and the formation of kidney stones - so crazy suddenly emerging need "eat off" sweets (nature prevails).

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