A liquid diet

 Replacing the usual "solid" food for milk, juices, soups and broths, you not only lose weight, but also clean your body of toxins and impurities. Such a diet is the best suited for long-term weight loss programs start. However, since the liquid diet has a diuretic effect, stick with it for more than two weeks is not recommended. You can lose 10-15kg  

Under the heading Diet: Low-carb diet


Half a cup of oatmeal broth oats or oatmeal boiled in 1 liter of water, broth drain. (1 cup - 5 points)

Vegetable juice mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 with boiled water (1 cup - 10 points)

Fruit juice, a third diluted with water (1 cup - 20 points)

Milk - no more than 2% fat (1 cup - 20 points)

Yogurt (1 cup - 10 points)

Rather weak low-fat broth, strained and unsalted (1 cup - 20 points)

Weak compote without sugar (1 cup - 5 points)

Vegetable broth without salt (1 cup - 5 points)

It is advisable to drink daily "full list", but it is necessary to start the day with oatmeal broth. But before going to bed is ideal yogurt. Together with clean water, tea and coffee without sugar fluid intake should not exceed 3 liters. In this case, try to keep the total amount of "drunk glasses" remained within 100-130.

It is important to "get out" of the diet. In the 1st day are allowed to eat only boiled vegetables in a small number ve. On the second day, in addition to boiled vegetables, allow yourself to one plate of gruel, 1 slice of bread, and for dinner - raw cabbage and carrots. On the third day, you can eat as usual, the only limit - anything fat and bread - no more than 2 pieces.

IN LIQUID DIET WEIGHT LOSS MORE THAN THE SAME DIET PRIOBYCHNOY calories and not less than 3 pounds per week

If extra pounds I want to leave immediately, sit on a liquid diet you can and a little longer, but not more than 1 month. Then the total number of points need to be reduced to 80, and before the night should eat yogurt salad.
Here's the recipe: Mix shredded cabbage, grated carrots, chopped walnuts, dried apricots, boiled rice. And once a week - a banana.

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