Features of the transition to separate nutrition

Features of the transition to separate nutrition
 A long time ago there was a fashion for separate meals. In the transition to this system reduces weight, improves the well-being over time, the results are sufficiently resistant. But it is not so easy to change your habits - this requires willpower and observance of special mode of life. After initially feeling of change of diet may even get worse.
 The basis of separate power supply is a one-time consumption of food is only compatible with each other products to avoid the fight carbohydrates and proteins that do not allow each other assimilated. If this rule is followed, it is possible to avoid what is not digested food residues settle on the walls of the intestine, causing the body will store fat and toxins.

According to the laws of evolution and nature, the human body tends to improve themselves. So if you start to eat his food better, it displays all the worst and replaces it with the best. What begins to feel a man when administered in the diet of unprocessed and natural products?

If you drastically eliminate from the body is strong stuff, like caffeine, which is found in tea, chocolate or coffee, you will begin to experience weakness, lethargy and migraines. Cleansing the organs and tissues of toxins that have accumulated as a result of caffeine withdrawal, accompanied by unpleasant events. Weakness comes from the fact that the heart is accustomed to the fact that it is constantly stimulated, and here it is without stimulation. Now he must again learn to work independently. Typically, these are unpleasant feeling for a few days.

Fried foods that season with spices, stimulates the body. Heart works constantly with the effort. When from the diet goes all harmful components, it is possible that the intensity of the heart muscle is temporarily reduced. These symptoms after a week and a half pass. If you do not survive the first ten days and broke down, started again there is the old food, the body is not given an opportunity to recover. During this period, there is often a muscular weakness. It is a consequence of the fact that the restoration of internal organs thrown all body reserves. Try these days is not overloaded. Then feel better, you will feel a surge of energy and effort. You can even mountains will collapse. In the meantime, relax.

If you go to a new system of power, with surprise may find that now the body is cleaned by yourself, without your intervention. This may result in a slight increase in temperature, the appearance of acne on the body, headaches, frequent urination and defecation change. Manifestations of such purification may be different. It all depends on how and what you eat, and the state of the organism.

Do not attempt to remove the symptoms of any medications or treatments. You will interfere with the body. Go better once a week in the bath, and it will help clean it of toxins. But if you are concerned about serious heart work, then try not to overload the body. Over time, the manifestations of purification will be weaker and weaker. Unpleasant symptoms will pass quickly. In between cleaning steps, you will feel refreshed, healthy and strong man. Since the days of his youth, you do not remember such a state body.

The health of the body and health of mind come. Will become clearer brain work. You will remember the information better. You will become a kinder, calmer and stop eating food that excites feel part of the cosmos and nature. You will surprise changes in your body, but it will be a pleasant surprise. You will be able to open up new skills and knowledge.

Age limit to go to a separate food is not. But it is necessary to begin the transition gradually, initially one day a week. If "the day on a separate feed" will be familiar to the body, such days can be done within a few weeks. Perhaps, over time, you will want to go entirely in separate meals, and it will not cause by the negative reaction of the organism.

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