Exit the diet correctly

Exit the diet correctly
 Diet in today's society, many are passionate about. What diet alone is not recommended on television, in newspapers. But it is important not only to comply strictly with all the requirements, but also competently, consistently come out of it, that there were no serious consequences for your health.

You can often hear complaints about the fact that at the end of the diet the weight comes back again, or health problems. Learn how to go from diet to avoid serious consequences, because any diet - it's stressful to your body. Do not think about that now, when you have overcome all the difficulties in connection with the diet, you can eat enough. That's not it. The body has a rigid working in power save mode. Therefore we can not directly load the stomach abundant and fatty foods.

Come out of the diet correctly. The first and perhaps the most important rule - a gradual increase in volume and caloric intake. Your diet should be mostly the same foods that you eat during a diet. But the scope of their needs to be a little more. Then start to gradually introduce on their menus, and other products (one per day). Do not eat Smoked meats, sausages and canned goods. These products should be strictly prohibited. Avoid starchy foods. In no case did not immediately jump on buns and cakes.

Please note that the drink. Do not drink carbonated beverages. Alcohol also can harm your health.

Out diet time may be three, and ten days. It all depends on how long you restrict your diet.

Think over the diet so that the power has been balanced to fractional. The entire amount of food, calculated on the day can not eat one or two doses. Divide it into five or six servings, so as not to unduly burden the stomach.

But, of course, your well-being during the exit from the diet depends on a positive mood.

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