Diet Olga Raz

Diet Olga Raz
 The developer of the grain diet is an Israeli nutritionist Olga Raz. Despite the fact that the bread - a high-calorie foods, this diet is very effective and helps for a short time to get rid of excess weight.
 Grain diet consists of 2 stages, during which the need to drink a large amount of still mineral water - 2, 5-3 liters a day, coffee and tea at this number does not include.

I stage grain diet. The goal - to reduce weight quickly. Duration - 1-2 weeks.
Every day you can consume: 8-12 pieces of dietary bread slices or 4-6 usual. Spread on bread can be anything, but only a very thin layer. In addition, permitted the use of any vegetables in unlimited quantities. 1 every 2 days you can eat 1 egg in any form. Daily drink 200 ml nonfat yogurt, yogurt or sour. 1 every 2 days, prepare a portion of dietary meat or fish, on this day in 2 times, reduce the consumption of bread. Furthermore, daily necessary to eat large one fruit (apple, pear, orange, etc.) or some fruits (grape, strawberry, plum, etc.). Eat often, between meals should be at least 3 hours.

Stage II grain diet. The goal - to maintain weight.
At this stage it is necessary to maintain normal daily intake of dietary bread - 8-12 slices, but they can be replaced at the following equivalent.

2 slices of bread diet you can substitute 1 cup of cooked beans, 1 cup of cooked pasta, 0, 5 cups of cooked cereals - buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, millet, 1 boiled potato, 1 ear of corn, 4 tablespoons of corn flakes, 2 dietary crackers, 2 tablespoons of muesli.

Vegetables and fruits at this stage the grain diet can eat in any amount. Daily drink 200 ml nonfat yogurt, yogurt or sour.

Eat often, as in the first step and the grain diet between meals during the day - less than 3 hours.

During grain diet, take a multivitamin and calcium.

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