Diet - a diagnosis

 One may exhaust yourself physically demanding, however, the best way to lose weight - diet. So it was thought until recently, while American psychologists - professor Tracey Mann and her colleagues at the University of California at Los Angeles have not proved that sit on diets pointless and even harmful.

Weighty arguments - from 30 to 60% of losing weight not only return the lost weight, but even increase it. A periodic fluctuations of weight are fraught with diseases of the cardiovascular system, decreased immunity and metabolic disorders, up to diabetes.

But if people come up with a diet, then it was someone has to. Try to figure out who and, more importantly, why. Now what to do about this?

How to start a diet

The most ancient diet is considered the "Pythagorean". On it were the followers of the great philosopher. Following the example of the teacher they avoided animal products and beans. However, losing weight, this diet had no relation. Minimum goal - get rid of gas in the stomach, the maximum task - to provide a paradise life after death.

More rationalistic was the father of medicine, Hippocrates. In his treatise "On the diet," he suggested that there everything is harmful to health: diet should be selected individually depending on the person's age, health, occupation, place of residence and time of year. The Roman physician Asclepiades, the founder of the science of nutrition, went even further. He assured that any disease can be cured with proper nutrition. But his fellow countryman Galen though too was a doctor, considered a diet only way to live in accordance with the stars and elements. According to him, the main task was to create a balanced diet balance of fluids (blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile) in the body. We would call it "diet temperament". Phlegmatic people recommended "firewater" foods, such as onions and garlic; choleric, on the contrary, they are contraindicated, they say, they already testy. Galen owned and diets on a horoscope, which have not lost popularity until now. 

Weight loss diet - a relatively new invention. Him on the strength of two hundred years. They were originally only way to deal with extreme obesity, and the craze began only after the Second World War with the advent of new standards of female beauty.

By the way, "measure" reduced calorie diet, scientists have come up only at the beginning of the XX century, chemists were pioneers of Yale University. Thank you very much from all of them sitting on the Kremlin diet!

Known dietomany


According to historians, William the Conqueror, King of England igertsog Normandy, scary stout, as soon as he fifties. The monarch had to go on a diet, but not for reasons of beauty and aesthetics - Teles prevented William climb on a horse. King has completely refused food and, at the call of Norman blood, switched to alcohol. This helped him a bit to lose weight. He climbed on a horse, but whether drunk, or from malnutrition held loosely in the saddle already, and fell from his horse, and why he died, barely held on to sixty.


The famous poet and heartthrob Lord George Gordon Byron in eighteen years weighed 90 kg with height 174 cm, the view was quite blooming and very upset about it. He wanted to be like their heroes - the pale, emaciated young man dying of eaten their melancholy.

Exercise and refusal of food have helped Byron to lose weight, but the consumptive complexion in no way replaces the healthy glow. And then the poet began to soak food in vinegar. His example was followed by many fans, but the enthusiasm of Byron dietary dried up pretty quickly. After six years, "melancholic" put on weight again and wallowed in carnal amusements.

Funeral maker

In the middle of the XIX century in England, lived a very thick and sick funeral maker William Banting. He could not lose weight and get better, and almost despaired when the doctor advised him to a strict diet: without bread, butter, milk, sugar, beer and potatoes.

As a result, Bunting dropped almost thirty pounds, began to feel better and to celebrate, published his "Letter of obesity", which branded adiposity as the most terrible disease. With a little remote medicine, Banting hypothesized that pasta and potatoes, digesting, laid on the body fat layers. Since then, the word "Bunting» («bant» in translation from English to "engage in medical starvation") is a household - is the first carbohydrate-free diet.

Lose weight for Science

Just do not confuse health food (lady's finger, allergies, etc.) and popular (and not so) pohudatelnye diet. The first deals with the science dietetics, the second closer to food hygiene. Science, too. Both use the latest achievements of medicine, biochemistry and physiology. And there, and there diet selected individually. But want to adjust your weight quickly and easily, often consult with experts, and make up your diet, based on intuition, speculative councils in fashionable magazines and experience of acquaintances.

They think like this: I will sit on yogurt or fruit, and lose weight immediately and permanently. Alas, after such experiments over a certain fall in hospital wards.

However, the main disadvantage of "simple" diets: their availability provokes girls to grow thin with unstable mentality indefinitely. Concern own weight becomes an obsession (in textbooks on psychiatry is called gratsidomaniey) or develops into a neurosis.

Today at all on hearing horror stories about the deaths from anorexia models, and how many unknown young girls treated in psychiatric hospitals without any hope of success? It is terrible to imagine ...

So, express diets are harmful, but to become slimmer like. What to do? To eat or as they say smart people, correct eating behavior.

What does this mean to you, tell dietician. But there are a dozen and a half principles, observing that a healthy person can normalize your weight.

1.Primite for yourself one simple thing: all short-term yields short-term results. If you decide to get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to change their habits. Forever And Ever!

2.Pervaya time have to count calories. In order not to get fat and lose weight, even a little, enough to consume about 2000-2500 calories per day. This is despite the mental work, at an exercise - can throw a thousand and a half.

3.Eda should be tasty and varied. Ideal food composition: protein (30%), fats (14%) and carbohydrates (56%).

4.Ogranichte yourself in sweets - loaves and sweets. Carbohydrates may well be obtained from vegetables, fruits and grains.

5.Pust it corny, but. Try to eat less salt - this will help bring the excess water from the body.

6.Zabudte about the products that are most often advertised on TV: mayonnaise, chips and sweet drinks - you will not believe how many calories in them.

7.Varenoe useful fried, fresh, healthy cooked and canned food, in general, are not very useful.

8.Do not forget about vitamins and minerals. If they are not sufficient in food, pharmacy, take drugs. And remember: the lack of chromium in the body can cause a "wanton hunger."

9. Do not snack in a hurry, do not chew anything in between times, do not eat in front of TV or computer - this produced a conditioned reflex. You do not want at the sight of the blue screen salivate like Pavlov's dog?

10.Prislushaytes their biorhythms, set the power, and do not break it. Well, if the first meal accounts for 8-9 hours in the morning and about one-third of the daily energy intake. 13-14 hours - it's time for lunch and take 40% of the calculated calories, and you need to dine in 17-18 hours. 2-3 hours before bedtime can drink a glass of juice or yogurt, eat a serving of fruit or vegetable salad. Overeat at night is harmful not only for the figure, but also for health: a recipe for insomnia and gastritis.

11.Razgruzochnye days (on yogurt, fruit or water) have a right to exist, but not more than once a month!

12.Izbegayte exotics. What's good for the Japanese, Indian or French, for the average Russian can result in unfortunate consequences. It is not necessary to test itself seafood or overseas spices. This often leads to undesirable metabolic surgery and is fraught with, for example, eating disorders and acne.

13.Do not put yourself tight deadlines and frameworks, for example, to lose weight to leave at any cost. Let things go as is.
If you really want to eat the cake, do not deny yourself the pleasure of this, otherwise you will lose one fight with a cake.

14. If, eating right, you feel constant hunger, pulls on sweet, appeared zhor night or just the mood at zero, it is necessary to see a psychologist. Perhaps the reason for your weight loss was not on the plate, and in the head.
And if all attempts end in failure to eat properly, should still go to a dietician.

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