Business Diet

Business Diet
 People who are engaged in business, especially in need of a balanced diet. Permanent employment, stress, anxiety adversely affect the nervous system. Frequent travel over long distances wears out the body. To help him stay healthy, you need to reconsider the diet by introducing so-called "business-diet".

Ration business person typically not very balanced. Lack of time, haste to have a casual snack on the go. Most often, this way of life leaves no time for a long-standing stoves, and concerns about nutrition fade into the background. If the work involves business dinners, which account for drinking alcohol, the body exhausting even faster. But there are a few simple, yet healthy and tasty dishes prepared which takes very little time, and the benefits - is enormous.

When people talk about germinated beans as one of the products specific to the business diet Getting people wonder: "When I cook it? ". In vain. Cook them easy, it takes time about 10 minutes. per week, each of us is able to distinguish, without prejudice to the business schedule. Take 250-300 g wheat or barley. Soak gauze boiled water. On one half put the grain, cover with another. Leave it for a couple of days in a warm place.

When will the shoots, the product is ready for use. It is rich in vitamins A and E, which will necessarily protect you from stress. And there germinated seeds can be anything: a breakfast - a fermented milk products; during lunch - with leafy vegetables and meat, appetizing put them on a sandwich; in the evening - with fruit salad. Moreover, this amount will be enough grain germinated for a week, which is very convenient.

Business unthinkable without diet of fish and seafood, rich in phosphorus, which stimulates brain activity. Try in cafes and restaurants to order not fat meat, even cooked "gentle" way, and dorado in parchment or halibut, steamed. Good as clams, which are perfectly combined with stewed vegetables and white wine. You should not deprive yourself of the pleasure to dine crustaceans such as prawns, grilled. All these products are beneficial to the state of the body business people.

Be sure to consume more cheese, as they are much more useful and sausages myasokopchenostey. If possible, pay special attention to goat cheese, perfectly combined with grapes and nuts. Introduction to business diet like cheese, preferably produced in France or Italy, can significantly improve the immune system, as all products from goat's milk is extremely useful for improving the intestinal microflora.

Be sure to eat more raw vegetables and fruits, fresh juices but do not overdo it. More cups a day of drinking is not recommended due to high sugar concentration. Although it is believed that sugar stimulates thought processes in large quantities it for business diet does not fit, exactly as salt, animal fats and sodas.

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