The Kremlin diet: menu for the week

The Kremlin diet: menu for the week
 According to legend, the Kremlin diet was invented sometime for members of the government, meeting in the Kremlin, hence its name. But be that as it may, "Kremlevka" - is one of the few diets that are willing to adhere to the men. After losing weight are allowed to eat unlimited quantities of meat, you only need to limit the intake of carbohydrates.

The man, sitting down on the Kremlin diet, the body ceases to receive energy from his usual source - carbohydrates and forced to move to the burning deferred for a rainy day reserves, namely fat. There are cases where people on this diet dropped to 5 kg per week.

Dieters will be much easier if it is pre-designed menu, at least a week in advance. It will be easier to plan meals and control the amount of carbohydrates entering the body. If a person has difficulty in compiling menu, you can use ready-made schemes, adapting them to fit your needs and opportunities.

Approximate meal plan for the week might look like this:


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sausage, coffee or tea
Lunch: Fish fillet with mushrooms 150 grams, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, tea
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Baked chicken breast - 200 grams, unsweetened yogurt, tea


Breakfast: Low-fat cottage cheese with herbs 200 grams, 2 boiled eggs, coffee
Lunch: Steak with blood - 150 grams, vegetable salad with yogurt dressing, tea
Snack: Walnuts - 30 grams
Dinner: Boiled fish 200 grams, lettuce, dry red wine


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with tomato and ham, coffee
Lunch: grilled chicken 200 grams. Cauliflower salad - 200 grams, tea
Snack: Peanut - 30 grams
Dinner: Grilled fish 200 grams, unsweetened yogurt or kefir


Breakfast: 100 grams of cheese, eggs 4 eggs. coffee
Lunch: Fish cutlets - 150 grams, 200 grams of Greek salad, tea
Snack: Green olives 10 pieces
Dinner: 300 grams of seafood, dry white wine 200 grams


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sausages, tea, coffee
Lunch: Chop 200 grams of salad tomatoes and mozzarella cheese 200 grams of tea
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Boiled fish 200 grams, lettuce, yogurt


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs from two eggs with bacon, cheese, 100 grams of coffee
Lunch: Skewered svniny 200 grams, lettuce, dry red wine
Snack: 30 grams of walnuts
Dinner: Grilled fish 200 grams, tomato


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms 200 grams, unsweetened yogurt, coffee
Lunch: grilled chicken 150 grams, vegetable salad, you can drink some beer
Snack: Peanut 30 grams
Dinner: 200 grams Seafood, cauliflower, baked with cheese, yogurt

Due to the given menu, you can stick with a definite plan in which will consume no more than 40 units of carbohydrates per day. Therefore, all the beverages does not have to contain a sugar. Do not forget to weigh in at the end of the week, the result will surprise you pleasantly.

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