Monthly calorie diet Sofia Vendrovskoy

Monthly calorie diet Sofia Vendrovskoy
 It is important to have a good figure. Most people understand this and goes to the gym, because they are much easier to work out at 1, 5 hours in the gym than to overcome hunger. But there are diets that are not directed to fasting and to use a small number of calories. These diets is version Vendrovskoy Sofia.
 Low-fat diet involves eating a certain amount of calories per day. This figure varies from about 1600 to 1700 kcal. Food intake is performed in such diets are often, but in small quantities. All this in combination allows one to quickly reduce weight.

Innovation and core plus diet Sofia Vendrovskoy that guaranteed the absence of hunger and develop skills to control their appetite.

The diet lasts four weeks and includes five meals. In the first week breakfast may consist of a cup of tea or a glass of warm milk with a piece of black bread or bagel lean to choose from. Lunch includes a couple of slices of bread with a thin layer of butter and lettuce, which can be replaced by a dozen radishes. To wash down all be yogurt or tea. For lunch, we recommend use of vegetable soup, fruit salad, a small amount of lean meat with potatoes beef. Afternoon tea or a glass of fruit provides a tomato juice with crackers or biscuits. The day ends dinner consisting of a cup of yogurt and two slices of black bread, thinly coated with honey.

The second week includes some other products. First breakfast may consist of a glass of juice and crackers, lunch, implies a mug of tea, a couple of slices of black bread, thinly coated with oil. For lunch, you need to eat meat patty, lettuce and carrot jelly drink. Afternoon snack - yogurt or fruit of choice. Dinner - noggin tea with slices of cheese.

The third week begins a breakfast consisting of a glass of milk, crackers and a small amount of honey. Lunch - boiled egg, radish, a couple slices of black bread. Lunch - stewed mushrooms, a little broth, rice porridge on the water and two apples, baked possible. Dinner includes a cup of tea, a slice of bread with cold veal and apple.

The final week of the diet prescribes the following menu. First breakfast - a slice of black bread with butter and a glass of milk. Lunch - a couple of boiled eggs, a couple of apples, a cup of tea and lean bagel with butter. Lunch - a small amount of chicken with vegetables, green salad, two tablespoons of mashed potatoes and tea. Afternoon tea - a cup of coffee or juice with a choice of bread. Dinner -: two slices of black bread with pate and radishes.

So you can lose weight without causing harm.

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