Low-fat diet Sofia Vendrovskoy

Low-fat diet Sofia Vendrovskoy
 Polish journalist Sofia Vendrovskaya back in the 70s of the last century published a book about beauty and health, which has experienced many reprints. In addition to useful tips for facial care in a book published low-calorie diet, which helps women who tamed appetite, become slim and attractive.
 "To blame the food pulses," - says Sofia Vendrovskaya in his book. And to cope with them, you must adhere to the prescribed Mrs. Vendrovskoy menu. Its proposed power system is very effective and easy to perform. Alternating every other day menu A and B is a month to lose more than 8 pounds.

In the first week before work should drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey and eat a stale bagel. The next day, the milk is replaced with a cup of tea and a bagel - a slice of black bread, which must be sprinkled with chopped parsley.

At lunch, you can afford a cup of tea (alternating it with a glass of kefir). A couple of slices of bread to be spread with a thin layer of butter or put them on the slices of cheese. In option B, together with yogurt are allowed to eat stale bagel and a few (no more than 12) radishes with salt.

At lunch on the first day offered boiled (or steam) fish with horseradish, garnish - boiled two or three (or baked) potatoes and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice lettuce. On the second day, we recommend a thick vegetable soup, a piece of beef (lean), boiled potatoes (two or three pieces) and fruit salad with the addition of sugar and lemon juice.

In the afternoon, two tomatoes, which can be replaced by a glass of tomato juice with crackers. The next day: fruit or a glass of juice with a little biscuit.

For dinner on a low calorie diet Sofia Vendrovskoy should drink a glass of kefir (required skim) with two slices of black bread, spread thin layers of honey and sprinkle with parsley. The next day, we recommend a glass of sweet milk and dried in the oven two slices of white bread and spread thin layers of honey.

On the second week of work before drinking a glass of vegetable juice, jammed crunches. If desired, vegetable juice can be replaced by fruit. The next day should start with a glass of tea with milk and a slice of black bread, spread with honey.

Lunch should consist of tea, two slices of bread (required black), cheese and a small amount of oil. The next day you can eat two tomatoes with a piece of beef, slices of black bread (not more than two) and drink tea.

For lunch offered two meat patties with carrot salad and pudding. The next day, you need to replace them with red soup with boiled egg and boiled fish. Served with green salad and served two potatoes.

At lunch on the first day are fruits with biscuit, the second - yogurt with crackers.

For dinner, drink a glass of kefir with stale bagel and jam, or a cup of tea with two slices of cheese (low-fat).

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