Low-fat diet: how to find the path to harmony

 The main rule of this diet - to exclude almost all fat from your daily diet. However, not so poor diet calories to leave a feeling of hunger.

Under the heading Diet: Diet Week

Sample menu for a day

Breakfast: 20 g of dry cereal, a small banana, skim milk daily allowance of 280 ml.
Lunch: Jacket potato with a can of baked beans 225 g
Lunch: onion soup with potatoes, chicken curry with brown rice basket of meringue and raspberry raspberry yogurt with low-fat or fat-free yogurt.

What good is giving this food?

Compliance with the low-fat diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. Diet easy to follow, especially if you avoid eating dairy products. List of low-fat foods virtually inexhaustible. Adhering to this diet you will not have to count calories. Permission is granted to moderate alcohol consumption. You can have an unlimited amount of vegetables.

What's wrong with this diet?

Long-term low-fat diet can cause a lack of certain fatty acids in the body, causing a variety of disorders can occur (the violation of the menstrual cycle to dry skin). These fatty acids are found in vegetable and animal oils, margarine and nuts, which are excluded from the diet. It is therefore necessary to take daily fish oil capsules and rosehip oil (only five calories).

Low-fat diets almost do not give the body to absorb the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. Particularly acute shortage of them there, if you are pregnant. Therefore, take a multivitamin.

The main purpose of the diet - weight loss, rather than switching to a proper diet. For example, it does not exclude desserts consumption with high sugar content.

Dairy products with low-fat very quickly bored because tasteless. And for those who have intolerance to dairy products, and they can not be there at all.

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