Low-fat diet for a week

Low-fat diet for a week
 To combat obesity traditionally used diet. They developed many, including low-calorie diet for an emergency. Such diets are very convenient in situations where you need to quickly correct figure, for example, the planned festivities.
 During the day, the person, depending on the activity consumes average of 2,200 calories, with women slightly smaller. Slimming need to organize your diet to calorie intake is much less. Just do not eat or limit the amount of food - not an option, unbalanced diet will lead to disturbances in the body. Therefore developed special low-calorie diets, allowing extra to lose weight and not to disturb the metabolism.

Typically, the first few days from the start of any diet including low calorie, removing excess fluid occurs and the combustion glycogen rather than fat. In order that the body could be reconstructed and started losing weight is to burn fat, it takes at least two weeks. But what if no holiday and a few days later. In this case, you can optionally with carrying out low-calorie diet to exercise: particularly useful running, cycling and other energy-intensive sports.

One of the most effective low-calorie diet is recognized as Anna Seiler-House. Meals its balanced manner so that the body receives both proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, the feeling of hunger is not so much a diet and easy to carry. The daily diet consists of only 980-1040 calories. Meals 5 times a day. Since the menu is designed for one day, you should eat according to this scheme a week or more.

Low-calorie diet menu from Anna Seiler-House

Breakfast: 1 medium grapefruit, 1 boiled boiled egg, 20 g of bread with 5 grams of butter, low-fat milk (1 cup).
Second breakfast: a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
Lunch: 80-100 g low-fat varieties of boiled meat with a side dish of vegetables (200g), a little lettuce, 100 g of fruits and 200 ml of tea or coffee.
Snack: a slice of bread (20 grams) of oil plus 30 grams of cheese or cottage cheese, low-fat milk to 200 ml.
Dinner: 80-100 g of cooked lean meat with 200 g of vegetable salad, an apple or a pear, or orange, 200 ml of skim milk or a cup of tea.

If during the diet appear constipation, can eat 1-2 prunes a day or brew laxative herbs. The last meal should not be later than 7 pm. After the release of the diet in order to lose pounds did not come back, maintain a proper diet and an active lifestyle.

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