The course of weight loss on the momentum-designed diet for three months, during which metabolism is getting better, go bad eating habits.  

Three months is necessary to strictly observe the principles shown below.

1. First, all people can be divided into two types: those who need to generate energy carbohydrates, and those who receive the same from fat. Each type has its own program prescribed for weight loss and its principles of nutrition after cessation of dietary and return to normal.

2. One of the most important principles - not to mix in one meal simple and complex carbohydrates. That is, if you eat a plate of pasta, bread biting, the chance to get better you have less than one Tostik jam.

3. There are recommended every 2 hours, 1 making a break for 10 hours.

4. Tea and coffee are considered on their own separate meal.

5. Proteins can be eaten with all non-starchy vegetables - also and more!

6. Another principle - do not mix vegetable and animal fats, ie pork chop healthier fry in butter.

How to determine what type of people do you belong to?

1. People with poor autonomic nervous system-type, usually dry mucous pale pink, clear skin. They are quite hardy, well with a continuous load, perseverance and ability to concentrate. To keep vegetative balance type low as possible requires more carbohydrates.

2. For people with high autonomic nervous system type is usually characterized by excessive salivation, tongue bright pink color, increased sweating, more fatty than dry hair, problem skin. High class people get tired pretty quickly, and therefore need frequent rest. To be in a form that requires some type of high amounts of fat.

And now go to the very diet.

Low type.

The autonomic nervous system of this type is necessary to have in the morning, cheer up. It needs carbohydrates, and quite a very small amount of carbohydrates the same type.

Coffee and black tea in small quantities are useful, but those who want to lose weight, it is best to drink herbal tea and mineral water without gas.

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten with almost no restrictions, but to drop weight is better to eat sour apples, citrus fruits and vegetables.

People of low type often feel the need to fatty, sugary and spicy. Eat what you like on health, just do not lose your sense of proportion.

Program for weight loss.

In the morning on an empty stomach: a sugar cube.
An hour later: a slice of bread.
After 2 hours, 20 grams of bread + butter + 30 g of cheese with tomato.
After 2 hours, 1 banana or apple.
After 2 hours, 80 g of meat or fish or 1 egg + 1 potato, or 1 tbsp. Spoon rice + any vegetables (no beans).
After 2 hours, 2 pieces of chocolate.
After 2 hours, 1 cup buttermilk (200 mL).
After 2 hours: slightly acidic fruit.

High type.

These people are shown to begin the day with a portion of the fat. Ideally, this should be teaspoon extra virgin olive oil. However, any suitable vegetable oil. It can neither drink nor bind. If you get hungry, you can drink a cup of green tea, but not earlier than one hour. People of this type are in need of fruit. Vitamins and minerals are obtained from vegetables. The most useful vegetables for the people of this type - avocado. Good as turnips, pumpkin, radish.

Program for weight loss.

In the morning on an empty stomach 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.
After 1-2 hours: a cup of green tea.
After 2 hours, 1 cup buttermilk (200 mL) and 1 banana.
After 2 hours, 80 g of boiled meat, fish or poultry, or 1 egg + 1 small potato in uniform or 1 tbsp. Spoon rice + any vegetables.
After 2 hours: a cup of green tea.
After 2 hours: a large portion of salad from any vegetables.

Food basket dietetics.

Sugar, fructose (juices, fruits), grains (flour, bread, pasta), alcohol, milk, dairy products that contain milk sugar (cream, sour cream, sweet cottage cheese, condensed milk, buttermilk, yogurt, fresh cheese, Camembert, home cheese), potato, rice, corn.

All varieties of vegetables, dairy products, substantially free of lactose (cottage cheese, mozzarella, feta, Gorgonzola and some hard cheeses such as Gouda, Tilsit cheese, parmesan, Russian, Poshehonsky), beans, lean meats, chicken and turkey breast.

Vegetable oil, butter, cream, sausage, avocado.

Mixed Products:
Bananas, all kinds of nuts, all beans, raisins, prunes. Please note that these products can not be combined with other types of carbohydrates !!!!!

Cocoa, coffee, black tea, green tea (almost neutral). The consumption of these products should be considered as a separate meal !!!!!