Do I need to torture yourself diets

Do I need to torture yourself diets
 Every woman worries about her appearance, trying to preserve her slender figure, and therefore in the new trendy diets becoming more and more fans. "Sit" on a diet a little bit helpful to lovers of all kinds of sweets and fried foods, but that will bring the body to excessive fasting?
 Do not know whether you want to torture yourself diets to achieve a slim figure and get rid of extra pounds? But extreme starvation is often not so much appeal to the ladies, how much damage can lead to a loss of mental balance. Fast relief from so annoying you extra pounds fraught significant problems, and often fat in a few weeks reappear.

What is the harm of diet? Typically, after agonizing starvation the body tries to compensate former malnutrition, and women appear much appetite, leading to a desire to eat for four.

Many ladies yearning for traditional food with a vengeance begin to lean on sweets, all kinds of meats, fried potatoes, and as a result dropped so hard pounds very quickly returned. Outcome can only be one - will have to diet again.

Other long-term negative consequences of malnutrition include violation of the water balance of the body, the appearance of the skin folds and sagging breasts. This is due to the fact that a body entirely thinner, and it is practically impossible to achieve disappearance of fat only in any specific locations. Sagging skin often occurs in an effort to lose weight as soon as possible when the body is deprived of a sufficient amount of protein and essential trace elements. Eating only one kind of food leads to a lack of vitamins and other vital substances, which is detrimental to health.

If you choose to sit on a diet a bit, do not be ashamed, when you do not stand a dietary restrictions, even if eaten piece of cake or tayaschee mouth cake with cream. Extra piece of something tasty perceive as pleasure, do not tie food to the cause of your problems, overweight and unattractive. Long-term diet can deprive a good mood, and during prolonged malnutrition greatly enhanced the feeling of hunger, sometimes have stomach pain, discomfort and dizziness, damage to health can be expressed, and other symptoms.

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