Dieting world: Banana

Dieting world: Banana
 When the banana diet appeared on the Japanese site «Mixi» in March 2008, the social network has become so popular in Japan that began banana shortage. The creators of the banana diet Hitoshi Watanabe considered who studied preventive medicine and his wife Sumiko pharmacist.  

Fundamentals of the banana diet.
Hitoshi Watanabe argues that if breakfast eat only fresh bananas with a glass of drinking water at room temperature, it will lead to weight loss, no matter what to eat the rest of the day.

One reason for the effectiveness of the banana diet that bananas improve appetite and increase metabolism. Another reason is that these fruits contain resistant starch - a type of fiber that cause a feeling of satiety and inhibit the absorption of some carbohydrates. Room temperature water, said Hitoshi Watanabe, improves digestion and reduces hunger. It is necessary to have dinner before 8 pm and avoid dessert after dinner. If you feel that you are very hungry, you are allowed to eat for lunch a piece of fruit. Every day you must go to bed before midnight. The meaning of this advice is that through research proved the link between sleep loss and obesity.

Dieters should eat according to Japanese cuisine. Not allowed dairy products and alcohol. Furthermore, only a drink that can be consumed - potable water at room temperature.

Daily meal plan:
Breakfast should consist of one or more of bananas (as many as required by the body for its saturation) and one cup of water.

For lunch permitted eat any food from Japanese cuisine to your taste.

During lunch, if there is hunger, allowed small sweet snacks.

At dinner, as well as for dinner - meals of your choice, with no dessert until 8 pm.

About the exercise of strict regulations do not.

Benefits of the banana diet:
1. Acceptance of a light meal for breakfast improves metabolism and reduces the likelihood of overeating later in the day.
2. Not eating for breakfast caffeine, you stabilize blood glucose levels and thus reduces appetite.
3. The high-calorie food is digested for 2 hours, so if dinner until 8 pm, bedtime is not the feeling of heaviness in the stomach from overeating.
4. Waiver of dairy products and desserts reduces calories, due to the limited use of fat and sugar.
5. Bananas - nutritious food, high in fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C.

Disadvantages banana diet:
1. Some people who sit on this diet may not be very good
responsive to pure carbohydrate breakfast, especially those who suffer
2. In the diet does not focus on the exercise.

If the banana diet and lead to a successful outcome, it is certainly not because of the unusual properties of bananas to burn excess fat. Much more likely that this is due to some rules, such as the use of food at certain times of the day and avoiding desserts.

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