Diet of Anfisa Chekhov: Eat and grow thin

Diet of Anfisa Chekhov: Eat and grow thin
 Women who want to lose weight, sometimes go literally everything: starving, torturing myself at the gym, drink questionable pills. Some in the end can not see cherished numbers on the scale. But still more to all dieters who, reaching for some time desired result, then rapidly returned to previous form, and then increases more than he had. Passed this sad but instructive experience and popular TV Anfisa Chekhov.
 Having too feminine proportions with natural deposits in problem areas, the future TV star, like most other young ladies, wanted to lose weight. Having tried various ways, she sat on a strict diet and a fairly short time lost more than two dozen kilograms. But she had to be happy for long: the body of the consequences of such stress replied record pace gaining weight. And clever girl realized that there is not that way.

The first rule of its own diet says: instead impose a ban on the use of some products that promote fullness, replace them more easily. Moreover, try to find a replacement for at least a tasty, fragrant and attractive in appearance than the rejected calorie product.

This implies the following rule: food should be eaten with pleasure, enjoying a meal. It should not be too hasty and chew something in a hurry. And in general, think about bad home kitchen, as a string of high-calorie and too heavy meals.

Show your creative imagination and prepare what not burden your body. To decide on a more digestible substances will help you a table of caloric foods. But you must be sure to have a full meal, consisting of the provisions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Of course, like any living man, sometimes you want to treat yourself to something tasty. Well and good! Blame themselves for it is not worth it. But listen to your body and understand what healthy food you can replace sweets, cakes and fatty fried meat.

Eating Anfisa Chekhov (and advises you!) Every two hours, that does not mean that at this time you need to look lustfully on a soft bun. For a snack, there are dried fruits and nuts. A main meals she, like most people, three: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast, she offers to replenish the body with carbohydrates. TV presenter herself prefers bread with jam, yogurt with granola or some cereal, low-fat cottage cheese with honey, cheese cakes without sugar.

Lunch time she often coincides with the work that probably familiar to you. Anfisa orders in the restaurant soups and fresh salads as well as fish or meat with vegetables. If you eat at home, indulge yourself with something tasty, cooked on the grill. And for dinner teledivy necessarily fruits, which are not "aggravate" the stomach at bedtime.

In the diet Anfisa Chekhov present and fasting days, when she eats fish, vegetables or cheese. But to keep the figure in perfect condition, in its view, allow three conditions: not to combine proteins and carbohydrates do not eat sweet, fat and pastries and fruit mix with other products.

This diet allows this spicy lady to remain unchanged in the weight category and enjoy great success with the opposite sex.

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