Diet for Aries

Diet for Aries
 Diet for Aries - it's not just a diet, and nutrition system, which should adhere born under this sign. Should be excluded from the diet of fried, salty and spicy dishes, dark meat, various pickles and sharp, it is desirable to reduce the amount of alcohol, tea and coffee. The most difficult for Aries will limit sweet, but to maintain the body in perfect condition, it is necessary to reduce the number of cakes and pastries.
 Aries is recommended to have more variety of cereals, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Also useful legumes and fish as a source of protein. Instead of black tea you can drink green, as well as drinks from the hips, buckthorn, raspberries, mint and other herbs and berries.

To lose weight, you need to adhering to a strict diet for Aries, for example, to observe a three-day menu with four meals.

Day 1
Breakfast: one egg, cooked boiled, a piece of bread from flour with bran, 10 g butter, a fruit yogurt.
Lunch: a plate of meat or fish broth, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil, one apple.
Snack: one orange.
Dinner: 1 potato in uniform, a glass of unsweetened green or herbal tea.

Day 2
Breakfast: serving (100 g), oat or corn flakes with milk, an apple, a banana.
Lunch: 150 ml of meat or fish broth, 60 g of boiled chicken breast without skin, 2 slices of bran bread, one pear.
Snack: one grapefruit.
Dinner: 75 grams of boiled beef with 100 grams of cooked carrots or cauliflower, a cup of unsweetened tea (herbal, green, berry broth).

Day 3
Breakfast: 100 grams of oat (corn) cereal with milk, one orange.
Lunch: 150 ml of meat or fish broth, 60 g of boiled chicken (without skin and lean), 2 slices of bran bread, grapefruit, a fruit yogurt.
Afternoon snack: 60 g low-fat cottage cheese.
Dinner: 100 grams of salad from fresh vegetables with vegetable oil, a glass of unsweetened green tea or decoction of the berries and herbs.

In the future, in order to maintain normal weight, do not eat at night and snacking on the go, and is recommended to follow a four-time diet, the last meal should be no later than 7:00 pm.

At the same time engaged in physical exercise, go to the pool and jogging in the morning.

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