A strict diet

 Diet can be repeated, starting from day one. Portions are arbitrary, you can eat as much as you want. Drink tea only (no sugar) or pure water (except day 1). Absolutely can not eat onions, garlic and spicy seasonings. Herbs are allowed. Effect - 6 kg.

Under the heading Diet: Mediterranean diet

First day:
Not more than 2 glasses of water in the evening - a hot bath, and ideally - bath. Eve not it is after 18 hours and about 22 hours to eat 1ch.l. honey, then drink warm water.

Second day:
Breakfast - cereal, boiled in water without salt and sugar.
Lunch - soup, boiled in water and containing not less than 4 components of vegetables, you can add rice and potatoes. Without salt!
Dinner - yogurt.

Third day:
Breakfast -1 fruit in season.
Lunch - salad.
Dinner - yogurt.

Fourth day:
Breakfast - fruit.
Lunch - salad.
Supper - fruits.

Fifth day:
Breakfast - Fig.
Lunch - rice and tomato soup (pureed tomatoes without salt).
Dinner - rice.

Sixth day:
Breakfast - tea, cheese, wheat germ.
Lunch - on your choice of any of the days and bread.
Dinner - yogurt

Seventh day:
Any day of your choice.

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