10 craziest diets star

 Of all people, and Hollywood celebrities know how to get rid of extra pounds. However, they make mistakes and spoil your health in an effort to lose weight quickly. Want to know what they are doing wrong?

Recruited a few extra pounds, and in front of a festival or party, in which it is necessary to look as good as possible ... In such a situation one way out - a high-speed diet. Each of the famous actress has a favorite recipe for "speed" of losing weight.

But nutritionists warn not tired: the fight against excess weight - not the case when it is necessary to follow the fashion. Most fast diets that instantly become popular, help to lose weight due to fluid loss. Once you return to the old diet, come back and your weight.

Too stringent diets are usually not balanced, and may even be hazardous to health! It is better to follow the long-term weight loss programs in which you will lose about a kilo a week, a little limiting yourself to eating and working out.

So, here are the "hot ten" popular Hollywood diets with all their pluses and minuses.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Sarah Michelle Gellar - a fan of fast weight loss. Her favorite diet - cabbage. Within 7 days you can eat cabbage soup with fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken.

Say, so you can lose up to 4, 5 kg per week, as the soup fills the stomach and, therefore, satisfies hunger. In addition, it is believed that promotes fat burning cabbage.

How does it affect health?

A week after starting the diet the body starts to use as fuel proteins. This means that you lose is not fat, and muscle mass. Besides the metabolism.


+ Dietary products (ie, soup, fruit, vegetables and juices) can be eaten in unlimited quantities.
+ This diet is effective - this week really can throw the declared weight.
+ It is suitable for small "cleansing" the body. If you need to lose a few pounds accidentally dialed, it is possible to use this diet.


- Lost weight - not one fat. Low-calorie diet and, hence, the organism will be consumed not only fat, and protein and a carbohydrate reserves.
- Following the cabbage diet will not help you change habitual eating behavior. And as soon as you start eating normally, carbohydrate reserves back into place.
- This is very boring diet, which means that it requires a lot of willpower - not everyone can hold out until the end.
- A lot of cabbage and vegetables - not too good for the intestines.
- Diet poorly balanced - it lacks many vitamins and minerals.

Grapefruit Diet

Proponents of this diet eat before each meal half a grapefruit (it contains enzymes that burn fat) plus the reduced calorie intake to 800 a day. 3 weeks you can lose up to 10 pounds. They say that this diet enjoyed Kylie Minogue.

How does it affect health?

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, and pink grapefruit - and even in beta-carotene. However, any low-calorie diet is not helpful. Moreover, it is a real disaster! It can lead to eating disorders and even disrupt the reproductive functions. In addition, these diets cause the body to break down fat is not, and muscle tissue, which is responsible for metabolism. The more muscle mass, the faster your metabolism. And if he slows down, there is a predisposition to the accumulation of fat. The circle is closed!


+ You can afford this diet, if you are not allergic to grapefruit and you basically like the taste.


- This is a very low-calorie diet, which means you will feel tired and irritable.
- It is completely unbalanced, that is poor in vitamins (except C) and trace elements.
- Most likely, you will not want to play sports: you simply will not force it.

However, if you add grapefruit in eating habits, you can lose a few extra pounds. In the US, a study was conducted in which 100 volunteers ate all the same as usual, but in addition to this one ate a grapefruit a day. 3 months they have lost a half to four and a half pounds. And grapefruit juice was two times more effective than whole fruit.

Coconut Diet

Jennifer Aniston says: eat more fat and be slimmer. During the diet you can use coconut oil, cod liver oil, as well as traditional fats such as butter, egg yolks, fatty meats and lard.

How does it affect health?

They say that this diet helps to easily and quickly lose those extra pounds and improve the immune system. However, saturated fats are bad for the heart.

Blood group diet

With this diet lose weight Courteney Cox and Liz Hurley. Author unusual power system Peter D'Adamo believes that blood are components that are easily digested some products and reject others. Thus, some foods help digestion, and others - to harm him.

They say that the diet has helped many to get rid of serious diseases. But science is not confirmed.


Diet + will appeal to those who like to follow the rules. It gives a clear indication what, how and when the foods you can eat.
+ You do not have to give up alcohol and coffee (again, it all depends on blood group).
+ The list of authorized products can be found such that you still have not tried. It will be interesting.


- In the list of forbidden foods may be your favorite dish. Obvious reason for this, in general, no. For example, people from the second group of blood can not eat bananas. But this is a favorite food of all fans of diets.
- If you are cooking for a family, it is difficult "to please" everyone.
- In this diet a lot of limitations, which means that it is quickly bored.

Diet Green Tea

Green tea speeds up the metabolism. It also increases thermogenesis - a process that allows the body to burn calories. Couple cups of green tea - and 70 calories is gone! Top model Sophie Dahl, except that saw green tea reduces the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

How does it affect health?

Green tea contains antioxidants that pomo2000gayut prevent cancer, protect the heart and arthritis. But as in green tea a lot of caffeine, this diet is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Raw food diet

It is not just about sushi. Diet also applies to raw meat: beef, venison, duck. It is believed that the crude products contain live enzymes conferring strength. Besides, if you eat raw and not cooked vegetables and fruits, expends more energy. It is said that Uma Thurman and Demi Moore - ardent fans of this type of food.

How does it affect health?

Disgusting. There is a great danger of catching E-Coli - Deadly bacteria that may be present in raw meat.

A diet based on a study of the skin

Kate Winslet has gone on it and dropped 25 pounds! Special analysis of facial skin to determine what minerals are missing body, and adjust the diet. In general, the diet includes cereals, potatoes, white meat, fish, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

How does it affect health?

Diet doctor chosen by the results of the testing of your skin. Of course, it is perfectly balanced, so no harm is. It is only necessary in great detail to tell doctor about all your health problems. Well, it is clear that it must be a highly qualified specialist.

Caveman diet

This diet brings us back to the Stone Age, when cavemen ate only once a day. The theory is that modern three meals a day and even with snacks between meals makes us gain weight. Liz Hurley says she ate once a day to lose postpartum weight. In this case it is particularly important that the food was perfectly balanced.

How does it affect health?

One meal can lead to uncontrollable fits of "wolf appetite." Body hard to cope with a sharp rejection of the usual mode. If you decide to go on this diet, still snack something light during the day.

Dr. Atkins Diet

One of the most popular in the world. Her follow Renee Zellweger, Minnie Driver and Jerry Halliwell. Atkins diet contains a lot of protein and very little carbohydrates. The theory is this: if you reduce the intake of carbohydrates, the body begins to burn fat fast - only source of fuel. Which will lead to weight loss.

How does it affect health?

Diet really helps to get rid of extra pounds, but doctors warn that slimming price may be too high. Excessive protein intake may pose a threat to the whole body, and in particular - for the heart and kidneys. Accordingly, this diet is absolutely contraindicated "pochechnikam", "cores", as well as diabetics.

Diet Beverly Hills

This diet helps lose up to 7 kg per month. The first 10 days you need to eat only fruit, then gradually introduce other carbohydrates and proteins. But in any case, do not mix them up! Then the breakdown of food is the most effective, and it will not be postponed in the fat reserves. Famous followers of this diet - Jodie Foster and Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver.

How does it affect health?

You consume too little protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Most likely, all the diet will be your companion diarrhea. Hmm, well ...

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