Stop your appetite: the smells and spices that help to lose weight

Stop your appetite: the smells and spices that help to lose weight
 It is the excessive appetite complain curvy ladies who can not lose weight. Particularly strong desire to eat there in the restricted hours - after six in the evening. To cope with this problem will help scents and spices.  
 Smells are able to reduce appetite is no worse than the pills. But it should be noted that all individually, some people do not act even drugs, while others want to stop eating when they heard a certain flavor.

Cinnamon not only improves metabolism and supports blood sugar levels are normal, but also helps to overcome the feeling of hunger, as well as accelerate the process of saturation. Breathe in the aroma of ground cinnamon, apart jars around the house. Add a little spice to the dish or tea.

Vanilla flavor can reduce hunger and help overcome cravings for chocolate. Vanilla drink tea when thoughts arise eat sweet. Also, arrange for home aromosvechi that exude the smell. When used vanilla some caution, since high doses can cause poisoning of the body.

If you experience hunger pangs smell cut into two halves of a green apple. But there it is not recommended, otherwise desire to dine only intensify. This is due to the fact that dietary fiber and fruit acid increases the production of gastric juice.

Chili added to the main course, accelerates the process of saturation and increases metabolism, leading to weight loss. But not particularly zealous otherwise earn problems with the gastrointestinal tract, until the ulcer or gastritis.

If you had a strong desire to eat, brush your teeth with mint toothpaste, chew gum or smell of chopped herbs. Add a tea lemon balm, mint or menthol can not be otherwise only increase the appetite.

Some people help and other flavors and spices: tea tree oil, orange peel, grapefruit, lavender and so on. If none of the above you do not knocked appetite, experiment with other spices and scents. It is possible that by trial and error you will find exactly what you need.

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